A section of the Tea Trail Widdershins.


I’ve met people who have run the 37 miles of Isaac’s Tea Trail non-stop, others who had one overnight stay en route, and walkers who took three or four days to complete it. My preferred segmentation of the route is five sections. I like to walk slowly, to stop and stare, to sit down for a rest, to enjoy a snack and to savour the endorphins activated by pleasurable exercise, scenery, wildlife and the company of good friends.

Mostly this blog chronicles random walks I’ve done on various sections of the Tea Trail, but last summer I and friends walked the whole thing in consecutive sections (see blog postings of June 8, 23, and 25, July 22 and 31, and August 22 and 27). We started in Allendale and did the route clockwise.

Today we embarked on another complete circuit, this time walking widdershins (a great word, often used by…

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