Good People Doing Good Things — Making The World A Little Bit Nicer

More good people and a good animal doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

Okay, grab your tissues … oh, you’ve run out?  No worries … I always have a spare box … and let’s find some good people to lift our spirits …

box of tissues

Tiny Superhero

Our first good people this week is six-year-old Bridger Walker from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Bridger and his younger sister were visiting a friend on July 9th, playing in the backyard where there were a couple of dogs.  The friend pointed to one of the dogs and told them that one, a year-old German Shepherd, was mean.  No more were the words out of his mouth than the dog headed straight for Bridger’s sister, fangs bared and ready to attack.

What happened next is what has earned Bridger top billing in this week’s good people post … he stepped in front of his sister, yelled at her to run, and shielded her while the dog attacked him.  And…

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