Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor…

A warning.

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Louis-DeJoyLouis DeJoy is the new Postmaster General for the United States Postal Service.  His qualification for the job?  He bought the position by donating $360,000 to Donald Trump’s campaign fund, and another $70,000 to the Republican National Committee (RNC) just since January of this year.  In total, since 2016, he has donated over $2.5 million to Donald Trump and the RNC.  I have not been able to verify his net worth, but he lives in a $5.9 million mansion, if that tells you anything.  He is not a man who really needs that tax refund check or social security check to be delivered in a timely manner.

Oh, and an aside … DeJoy’s wife, Aldona Wos, has also been given a cushy job in the administration as U.S. Ambassador to Canada, with an annual salary of somewhere between $125,000 and $187,000.

Donald Trump has made clear his intent to privatize…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Making The World A Little Bit Nicer

More good people and a good animal doing good things.

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Okay, grab your tissues … oh, you’ve run out?  No worries … I always have a spare box … and let’s find some good people to lift our spirits …

box of tissues

Tiny Superhero

Our first good people this week is six-year-old Bridger Walker from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Bridger and his younger sister were visiting a friend on July 9th, playing in the backyard where there were a couple of dogs.  The friend pointed to one of the dogs and told them that one, a year-old German Shepherd, was mean.  No more were the words out of his mouth than the dog headed straight for Bridger’s sister, fangs bared and ready to attack.

What happened next is what has earned Bridger top billing in this week’s good people post … he stepped in front of his sister, yelled at her to run, and shielded her while the dog attacked him.  And…

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More about Tea Trail Widderskins, Section 2.

Walking the Old Ways

This section of Isaac’s Tea Trail is only four miles but there’s so much to marvel at along the way it’s worth spinning it out to take longer than four miles should. Also it has a few steep ups and downs. We re-joined the Tea Trail at Monk Farm near Whitfield, directed by a fairly […]


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The Stonehenge tunnel delay: officialdom speaks (partly through silence and partly through gobbledygook!) — The Heritage Journal

More news about Stonehenge.

Walking the Old Ways

The pro short tunnel archaeological bodies have been placed in a tricky position by this second delay. Do they now say they regret that the gauging of a dual carriageway across the World Heritage landscape against UNESCO’s wishes has been delayed? Their reactions so far suggest they don’t quite know what to say! . Highways […]

via The Stonehenge tunnel delay: officialdom speaks (partly through silence and partly through gobbledygook!) — The Heritage Journal

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A section of the Tea Trail Widdershins.


I’ve met people who have run the 37 miles of Isaac’s Tea Trail non-stop, others who had one overnight stay en route, and walkers who took three or four days to complete it. My preferred segmentation of the route is five sections. I like to walk slowly, to stop and stare, to sit down for a rest, to enjoy a snack and to savour the endorphins activated by pleasurable exercise, scenery, wildlife and the company of good friends.

Mostly this blog chronicles random walks I’ve done on various sections of the Tea Trail, but last summer I and friends walked the whole thing in consecutive sections (see blog postings of June 8, 23, and 25, July 22 and 31, and August 22 and 27). We started in Allendale and did the route clockwise.

Today we embarked on another complete circuit, this time walking widdershins (a great word, often used by…

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Stonehenge: more than just a delay, grounds for optimism? — The Heritage Journal

A recent piece about Stonehenge.

Walking the Old Ways

We think the headlines, “Stonehenge tunnel decision delayed by archaeological find” aren’t quite right, even though the Government’s announcement seems to say so, viz: “to enable further consultation on and consideration of this matter”. The fact is, as the Government knows full well, the newly discovered monument is not in the path of the new […]

via Stonehenge: more than just a delay, grounds for optimism? — The Heritage Journal

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A Few WTF Moments Of Snark …

Opinions both stupid and wise about sending children back to school.

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Okay, folks, I’ve held my snark for a while, but it’s brimming over now and it’s time for me to share a few bits of it before I begin to self-destruct, so I suggest you put on your hard hats and maybe a bit of cotton in your ears to muffle the sound …

Head-scratching moments in Georgia …

Governor Brian Kemp … remember him?  Here, let this picture from one of his campaign ads refresh your memory …


Yeah, that’s the one … the grade A Asshole who thought it would look cool to be holding a gun pointed at his daughter’s boyfriend.  Well, you’re gonna love what he’s done now!

While many states are closing businesses again, and 28 states have imposed a mask mandate, Kemp refused to do so.  Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms imposed a city-wide mask mandate in light of a rising number of cases…

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Good People Doing Good Things —

More good people doing good things.

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Okay, folks, it’s Wednesday morning and you know what that means … get your tissues ready …

box of tissues

The right kind of cop …

Police lately have been coming under a lot of fire, much of it warranted.  But, we need to remember that not all cops are racists who would just as soon shoot a black man as not.  There are genuinely good police officers out there, and I just happened to find one who I think you’ll agree, has a good heart.

Brownie Lyons and her husband were driving around Lake City, Florida, one day earlier this month, when they saw Corporal Shane Foote of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office removing a chair from his cruiser.  On the grass nearby sat a homeless man.  Next, Officer Foote removed a large Chick-Fil-A bag and walked over to the homeless man, unfolded his chair, and sat down while the two shared…

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