Flying By~

Lovely pictures of birds and flowers by Cindy Knoke.

This Red Shouldered Hawk has been sparring in Holler skies recently with the Red Tailed Hawks.

“California Sister” butterflies are understandably at home in The Holler.

“Firecracker Skimmer” dragonflies float lazily by.

Passion flowers are passionately,


Pickerelweed flowers,

reach for the sky. (Thank you Eliza Waters for identifying this plant!)

Bottle brush thrive while spiders spin.

Cheers to you from all who seek the sky~

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Musings From The Rabbit Hole — Trust

Who we can and can’t trust according to their actions.

Filosofa's Word

One of the things about spending large quantities of time in the ‘rabbit hole’ is that one lies awake at night pondering on such things as trust, respect, responsibility, honesty, humanity and whether there are enough lemons in the fridge to make lemon chicken for supper tomorrow.

Trust.  It’s a funny thing … one may spend a lifetime earning the trust of others, yet it can be shattered in a single moment.  How many people do you trust … I mean, really trust as in you would trust them with your life?  I’m guessing you can count them on one hand … I can, and I would still have a thumb left over.  How many people trust you in that way? trust-1When we speak of trust in the broader sense, of trusting people who hold our well-being in their hands, it’s a bit different than trust on the more personal…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Food!

Helping to feed those in need.

Filosofa's Word

Today’s good people all have to do with … food!  And the act of providing it to those in need.  This wasn’t intentional, but quite coincidental, and it wasn’t until I had written the last story and started my first round of proofreading that I realized the common theme!

A change in plans …

Melanie and Tyler Tapajna paid well in advance for their August wedding, securing a romantic lodge, a Disc Jockey, and a food truck caterer to serve dinner to about 150 family members and friends.  They planned well ahead … but there was one thing they didn’t foresee when they planned this wedding late last year:  a pandemic.

By early July, when they received a letter saying that the venue they had chosen for their wedding would not be open for business, due to the pandemic, the couple was left with a quandary.  They could try to…

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Holmfirth Footpath 60 Wolfstones 247 Town & Country Planning Act Stopping Up – New Threat To Path! — Path Watch

Saving a path by use of a path watch.

Walking the Old Ways

A new proposal to close Holmfirth Footpath 60 at Wolfstones has appeared for consultation. A draft stopping up order under section 247 of the Town & Country Planning Act has been published by the Department for Transport no less. Good to see they have their priorities right in the midst of a global pandemic. The […]

Holmfirth Footpath 60 Wolfstones 247 Town & Country Planning Act Stopping Up – New Threat To Path! — Path Watch

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How can anyone at the RNC say with a straight and serious face that the U.S. is not a racist country?

Filosofa's Word

A man named Jacob Blake was trying to break up an argument between two women on Sunday.  Someone had called the police, and when they arrived, Blake left the women to the police to sort out and headed back to his vehicle where his three young sons awaited patiently in the back seat.  But, instead of breaking up the fight between the women, police zeroed in on Mr. Blake … and as he opened the door to his SUV and started to get in, they shot him in the back … seven times!!!

Seven times they shot a man … an unarmed man … in front of his children!!!  A man who had committed no crime, had no weapon, wasn’t even acting in any suspicious manner! Jacob-BlakeAsk not why there are protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the shooting took place!  The only reason I’m not calling it a murder is…

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Birdie Ballet~

Some pictures from Cindy Knoke of birds in Australia with graceful ballet-like steps.

Birdies are ballet masters.

Forget the plie’.

Birdies excel at the grand battement!

They extend their limbs,

with precise acumen!

Even the goosies get into the game!

Cheers to you from Oz’s high stepping hoofers~

Prima Ballerinas in order of appearance: Australian Wood Duck, Masked Lapwing, Cape Barren Goose

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Access denied

Access denied.


It’s been a week when we have been reminded that there is very little freedom to roam in England and Wales, by Nick Hayes’s  The Book of Trespass and  a new right-to-roam campaign

While the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 was a big stride forward for access in these nations, it did not go far enough.  The mapped downland was exiguous for a start.  And in many cases even when land has been mapped as access land you cannot get onto it.

I have such an example close to home, in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Grays Lane Banks in the neighbouring parish of Ibstone (GR SU751923) was the last area to be added to the access maps, in 2009.  It was omitted from the Countryside Agency’s draft access map and added to the provisional map in 2005 after I made representations.

Grays Lane Banks…

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Trump Taints Even Susan B. Anthony? GASP!!!

You tell him, Susan.

Filosofa's Word

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a rough week for me, and I am feeling a need for a bit of humour in my life this evening. 

Donnie Trump has done some really stupid things in his 74 years on this earth, many in just the past 44 months.  But this one is truly without any purpose that I can see!  He said on Tuesday that he would announce yet another of his infamous ‘pardons’ … this one to the famous suffragette, Susan B. Anthony!  WHY??? 

“She was never pardoned! Did you know that she was never pardoned? What took so long?”

Because, Donnie, she did nothing for which she needs to be pardoned!  It is highly likely that she would  be offended by such a pardon that suggests wrongdoing on her part!  Even Deborah L. Hughes, executive director of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum…

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Rough diamond

About Sue’s dog Ani.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


The computer whirred into life this morning faster than I did… not difficult, of course. I need coffee, copious amounts of coffee. The computer, however, chirps into readiness almost as quickly as the dog.

To be fair to Ani, although she is poised with every muscle frozen mid-launch, those first few moments when I enter the room are special. No-one else will ever see them, she cannot possibly contain her excitement if anyone else is here, but for me there is a quiet hello. She tucks herself into a small, sphinx like bundle of taut immobility and waits near the window, eyes fixed on mine. Other than sleep, it is the only time she is ever at rest. But for those moments the whirly girl is still. I speak to her and she makes odd little grunting noises at me. I sit on the floor with her and we cuddle…

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