A mixed bag of news..

Kewanee may have COVID 19.

So last week, I got a new job! Yay!!! Was so excited…. looking forward to going back to work but with some trepidation due to being in the Southern US and the covid being a persistent thing due to… well being stupid. I mean I want to sugar coat it and be nice, but it’s just not possible when this literally happened to me:

Our governor reopened our state and then went to phase 2 while we are still peaking in Covid19 cases. So I decided to tell him my thoughts on his facebook page where he’s touting our so called success.

Me to the governor of my state: What are you doing?! You are opening up way too soon! How is 600+ cases a day doing great? We only have 172 ICU beds in the entire state! We have 79 counties… that’s like 2 people per county and we…

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