On the Quarantine front…

Kawanee is feeling better but still having problems.

Hey guys!

So, I had to get tested for Covid19 and so did my mother. We both tested negative, but I’m on meds for it because despite the negative, I am symptomatic. The meds are working! They said I had to quarantine for 2 weeks from the last time I worked with the kid. Well, that was up last week. 🙂

On Tuesday the 4th, I got my pulse oximeter. I wanted to get one because I knew I was still having some issues with breathing and I’m a new asthmatic. I don’t know the warning signs of an impending attack so I figured it would help. Turns out I’m right, I’m having issues.

I was running around 96% in blood oxygen and my heart was running in the 100’s even at rest. I was dropping into 95%, the doctor said 94 was bad and 92 was Emergency room time…

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