Covid update!

Kawanee is feeling better. 🙂 — Suzanne

I’ve had to have a second test to be able to go back to work, after the 10 days of meds… I am officially negative for a second time! Yay! I will hopefully be returning to work Monday.

I want to say, the throat swab test was rough… but the nose swab was worse. Holy jumping crickets! I think that woman was drilling for oil or roto-rootering my brain! I don’t wanna do that again. I was also tested for antibodies… sadly it doesn’t look like I’ve got them. Which is disappointing, I was hoping to donate some good plasma and help some folks out.

I got myself a cool mist humidifier and 2 air purifiers… my allergies seem to be under control. I am so glad for that.

I still have a few tests to undergo but it’s a relief that I am negative. Wear a mask… protect those…

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