Trump Taints Even Susan B. Anthony? GASP!!!

You tell him, Susan.

Filosofa's Word

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a rough week for me, and I am feeling a need for a bit of humour in my life this evening. 

Donnie Trump has done some really stupid things in his 74 years on this earth, many in just the past 44 months.  But this one is truly without any purpose that I can see!  He said on Tuesday that he would announce yet another of his infamous ‘pardons’ … this one to the famous suffragette, Susan B. Anthony!  WHY??? 

“She was never pardoned! Did you know that she was never pardoned? What took so long?”

Because, Donnie, she did nothing for which she needs to be pardoned!  It is highly likely that she would  be offended by such a pardon that suggests wrongdoing on her part!  Even Deborah L. Hughes, executive director of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum…

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