Final Flurry & Fotos~

Hummingbirds, the flying fairies.

Of flying fairies.

It’s a bit tricky to take a photo and feed a hummer at the same time!

Most of The Holler Hummers are packing on calories now to prepare for migration.

Black Chinned Hummingbirds, like the one pictured above, travel to western Mexico or the Gulf.

Rufous Hummingbirds (above) have one of the largest migratory bird journeys in the world, flying up to 3,900 miles each year. Rufous populations are in decline due to habitat destruction and they are now designated a threatened species.

Some Anna’s hummingbirds stay year round at The Holler.

Responsibly maintained backyard bird feeders have helped vulnerable hummingbird species thrive.

They have brought dwindling population numbers up and expanded the territory of many species.

During migration, hummingbird hearts can beat over 1200 times per minute, their wings can flap 80 times per second, and they often fly alone.

Cheers to you from The Holler’s…

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On the Quarantine front…

Kawanee is feeling better but still having problems.

Hey guys!

So, I had to get tested for Covid19 and so did my mother. We both tested negative, but I’m on meds for it because despite the negative, I am symptomatic. The meds are working! They said I had to quarantine for 2 weeks from the last time I worked with the kid. Well, that was up last week. 🙂

On Tuesday the 4th, I got my pulse oximeter. I wanted to get one because I knew I was still having some issues with breathing and I’m a new asthmatic. I don’t know the warning signs of an impending attack so I figured it would help. Turns out I’m right, I’m having issues.

I was running around 96% in blood oxygen and my heart was running in the 100’s even at rest. I was dropping into 95%, the doctor said 94 was bad and 92 was Emergency room time…

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A mixed bag of news..

Kewanee may have COVID 19.

So last week, I got a new job! Yay!!! Was so excited…. looking forward to going back to work but with some trepidation due to being in the Southern US and the covid being a persistent thing due to… well being stupid. I mean I want to sugar coat it and be nice, but it’s just not possible when this literally happened to me:

Our governor reopened our state and then went to phase 2 while we are still peaking in Covid19 cases. So I decided to tell him my thoughts on his facebook page where he’s touting our so called success.

Me to the governor of my state: What are you doing?! You are opening up way too soon! How is 600+ cases a day doing great? We only have 172 ICU beds in the entire state! We have 79 counties… that’s like 2 people per county and we…

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FF – Wear a White Hat

Yep. Two articles of clothing you shouldn’t wear if you want to live longer. Too bad boys. 😦 — Suzanne

draliman on life

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Jennifer Pendergast back in April 2015.

This week I used lots of “tham thars” to add an authentic Wild West feel. I hope I didn’t overdo it 😉

If you want to read a more sensible tale, here’s the story I wrote back in the day.

Jennifer Pendergast Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

“Quick, Jed, through tham thar railroad cars an’ inta that thar desert!”


“They’s gettin’ closer, Herb!”

“Shuddup an’ run, Jed! Darn, I’m right regretting tham thar grits I ‘ad fer breakfast, all this runnin’.”

“Quit bellyachin’, them varmints is a-comin’ closer!”


“Why they shootin’ at us, Herb? We ain’t done nothin’ wrong!”

“I tol’ ya, ya shouldn’t’a bought that thar black hat. I bet in years ta come, bad folks’ll be wearing tham thar black hats in them new-fangled movin’ pictures

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75 Years Ago – 6 August 1945

Let’s never let this happen again.

Filosofa's Word

Today, 06 August 2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima by the United States.  I know many disagree with me, but in my opinion, the bombing of Hiroshima, and three days later Nagasaki, were nothing short of war crimes, of crimes against humanity.  Approximately 210,000 people died as a result of those two bombings.. These people were not the military brass who were leading the Japanese army and navy in attacks against the allies, nor were they even the soldiers who were following orders.  They were innocents — senior citizens, women, children, civil servants — people who were only going about their lives until suddenly … BOOM … they no longer had lives to go about.  I will always believe that the use of nuclear weaponry is wrong.  Period.

Three years ago at the observance of the anniversary, Japan held their annual ceremony at Hiroshima Peace Memorial…

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Good People Doing Good Things – Little Kids With BIG Hearts

Children doing good things for others.

Filosofa's Word

This is only the second time in the 3+ years I’ve been doing ‘good people’ posts that I’ve repeated one, but tonight I am having some vision issues and really need to give my eyes a break from the computer.  I first posted this in March 2017, so it will be new to many of you.  I think you’ll agree that these kids give us hope for our future …

Children may only be able to do small-scale deeds, but it shows us that though their bodies may be small, their hearts are big. And since these pint-sized do-gooders hold our future in their hands, it is good to see that they already have a sense of caring for others, a sense of humanity.

You are never too young to understand the value of helping others.  Second grader Phoebe Brown was running errands with her mother last week in Independence…

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Who You Gonna Trust?

Who we should believe. Should it be the experts in science and health or the President with no credentials in health or science.?

Filosofa's Word

If you call a plumber to repair a leaky pipe, and he diagnoses the problem, hands you an estimate for a new piece of pipe and attachments plus his labour, you don’t typically tell him that he’s wrong and you don’t need a new pipe, only a piece of duct tape.  If you have pain in your side, you go to the doctor, and he tells you that you have appendicitis and need an operation, you don’t typically tell him that he’s wrong and you only need an antacid.  When things go wrong, we rely on experts to diagnose and fix the problem.  Experts have specialized education, training and skills that we lack, so we trust them to take care of the problems that occur, whether with our homes, our cars, or our bodies.

Within the administration of our federal government, we have experts in all fields from the environment…

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Save Our Hedgehogs

The people in the British Isles are saying, “Save our hedgehogs.”

Walking the Old Ways

This from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society – PLEASE HELP!

The inclusion, today, of the hedgehog in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List for British Mammals is not a surprise for us at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS). We have been at the heart of research that has charted the demise of the nation’s favourite animal.

The recognition of the vulnerable status of the hedgehog is, however, an opportunity. It will give impetus to those of us campaigning to protect the habitats that the hedgehog needs to thrive, and increase the awareness of the importance of connecting those habitats.

This has been central to the campaign Hedgehog Street – which we run in partnership with  People’s Trust for Endangered Species. All over the country people are working in their gardens to help wildlife – and we are encouraging them to connect those gardens with…

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