The First 100 Days …

The first 100 days.

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If a president serves his entire four-year term, he will have been president for 1,459 days.  The first 100 days are some sort of a marker, though they are less than 15% of his expected tenure, because there is always an analysis of what a president accomplished in his first 100 days.  Additionally, a part of a candidate’s campaign platform also includes “What I plan to accomplish in my first 100 days”, which is later used as a benchmark for the aforementioned analysis.

I would like to clear some things up regarding Joe Biden’s “First 100 Days To Do List”.  Donald Trump seems to think he has a copy of Joe’s list, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t.  Donald Trump has falsely declared that in his first 100 days, Biden plans to …

  • Implement a $4 trillion tax hike
  • Demolish the U.S. energy industry
  • Shut down the entire…

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2 thoughts on “The First 100 Days …

  1. 1. can’t take another single penny in taxes – and someone has to pay for all the promises BOTH of them are making to voters. Misinformation and outright wrong information prevalent.
    2. Another year of same choice: 2 older millionaires – one who blurts out all sorts of stuff out and makes people cringe frequently and be nervous about what’s really going on – and one who is clearly showing diminished capacity (he read the “instructions to him” on the monitor during his speech Friday. The struggle with word retrieval so many times. Having a ton of older relatives makes it easy to see the signs) The party is absolutely cruel to shove him out. Cruel and disrespectful for all his years of service. Let Harris run on her own – with her own VP choice – she’d do better.
    People get the government they deserve? Not when the political parties set us up for failure no matter which way you go

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  2. Thanks, PM. When it comes to diminished capacity, I’d say Trump is way more diminished than Biden. Trump also constantly lies which makes it worse. He says things sometimes that are downright outlandish. He gets lost and wanders down strange paths. He can be mean as hell and seeks revenge. I’ve had experience with mental problems. My mother had Alzheimer’s and my husband was bipolar. I’m 79 myself and can’t imagine myself doing or saying some of the things Trump does. It isn’t normal or acceptable. You, of course, have the right to think and do as you see fit. —- Suzanne


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