Good People Doing Good Things — Freddie & Lisa

Good people doing good things.

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This morning I have only one ‘good people’ story to share with you, but I think you’ll agree that this one is priceless, deserving of its own post.

One of my pet peeves, as many of you already know, is people with great wealth.  What pleasure is there in having millions or billions of dollars sitting around doing nothing but earning more money.  I have very little use for the wealthy, especially those who give nothing, do nothing to help those less fortunate.  So, it was with great joy that I read about Freddie and Lisa Thomas-McMillan.  This couple own a restaurant, Drexell & Honeybee’s, in downtown Brewton, Alabama near the Florida border.  What makes them special?  According to their website

When you enter Drexell & Honeybee’s in downtown Brewton, Alabama, you’ll walk past booths and four-tops full of cornbread, fried chicken, and collard greens. The one thing you…

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