Highways England using public funds for a propaganda film at Stonehenge!

Highways England using public funds.

The Heritage Journal

The fact Highways England, a roads provider, acts like a roads advocate (and often like a used car salesman) is hardly news. But this account from a pro-scheme campaigner revealing what they’re up to is remarkable:
“This company (Motiv Productions) will be filming in our High Street and around the area commencing Monday coming, on behalf of Highways England. They’re going to “do me first” and will talk to ordinary folks going about their business walking, cycling, riding, or just taking in the general workings of our busy village. The film when complete, will be presented to the Government to assist with their decision on November 13th.”
Like many places nationwide, the village in question is affected by traffic with its ‘London Road’ a clue to this being an issue of historical significance. The traffic will continue to increase locally no matter what happens to the A303…

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3 thoughts on “Highways England using public funds for a propaganda film at Stonehenge!

  1. It has been something of a cause and effect, that the more road built, the quicker it fills up with more traffic.
    One of the greatest social mistakes ever made by a government was listening to Dr Beeching and not simply saying ‘Thank you for your time Doctor’ and then filing the proposals in the depths of somewhere.

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