Pictures of Australian Magpies by Cindy Knoke.

Wild Australian magpies are inquisitive, wise, friendly, and fun to interact with. Like most creatures, they are usually respectful to you, if you are respectful of them.

But, they do swoop!

Swooping means they attack humans, other animals, cars, etc., causing thousands of human injuries in Australia each spring. See:


They swoop if they perceive their nestlings are in danger….

or maybe, if they are having an irritating day.

Like all corvids, they have excellent memories and hold grudges, so if you bothered a corvid in the past, you better steer clear during swooping season, or else be ready to duck down really fast!

Cheers to you from Australia’s marvelous-memoried, moody-magpies~

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8 thoughts on “Swoopers~

      • If you get the opportunity I would recommend: “Other Minds
        The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life” by Peter Godfrey-Smith, by profession a philosopher but also a naturalist. Although the bulk of the book is about The Octopus and others in the Cephalopoda family, he does take some of the book to discuss the nature of birds in comparison to our family and those of the Octopus.
        Definite food for thought. Just because we have opposable thumbs, could set things on fire and plant crops did that really make us top?.
        Best wishes

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Roger. I always thought they sounded smart. I remember once I read about what I think they said was a male octopus. He got upset with a machine not far from him that was noisy. He crawled up and shot water at it. I thought it was hilarious. 😀 — Suzanne


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