Stonehenge Short Tunnel: MORE good news!

More about Stonehenge.

The Heritage Journal

First, the BBC has very clearly reported why the legal action is being taken.

and second, the article is headed by this HONEST picture in which Stonehenge is shown at the apparent size and distance it actually is when seen from the road, not greatly magnified in the way all the pro-tunnel bodies have been repeatedly doing!


So let’s hope today will be the start of a process when Stonehenge will, at last, be given an entirely fair hearing. If so, there are grounds for optimism.

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Firing Squads for Death Row Inmates?

Trump seems to want more cornage while he has the chance.

On The Fence Voters

A Fitting Swan Song for This Administration

Justice Department rushing to expand execution firing squads for federal death row inmates: CNN headline. November 28, 2020.

Of course, they are. Surprising nobody, it looks like the current loser president wants to end his reign of horror – with even more shock and awe. Because, as we’ve seen for most of his term, cruelty is the point, not the exception.

According to the CNN piece, there are some scheduled executions set to take place in the last days of the administration, and they’re doing everything they can to make them happen by rushing through changes to rules through an approved amendment to the “Manner of Federal Executions.”

That rule change gives federal prosecutors a wider variety of options to avoid delays if the state in which the inmate was sentenced doesn’t provide other alternatives. The rule was pushed forward by none…

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Holler Still Life~

Gorgeous still life filmed by Cindy Knoke in The Holler in California.

David Austin Roses were my centerpiece for Thanksgiving. (Click to enlarge.)

Same bouquet photographed with flash.

Holler roses are still blooming!

Mixed Thanksgiving bouquet.

They show more color with flash.

Koko Loko roses are thriving now at The Holler. They bloom cocoa colored and turn pale lavender.

Star of Holland Amaryllis are early, which is a first, because I was home to plant them.

Narcissus are also early due to surprise rain.

Cheers to you from The Holler in winter~

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Rodent control. Working with the professional

Solutions to a rat problem.

Jim Webster

After years of trying many different methods, using an air rifle to control rats takes a lot of beating. As a technique it has the advantage that you don’t have problems with immunity. Not only that but you’re not leaving poisoned bait lying about where other animals might be exposed to it. On the other hand it does have the disadvantage that you have to be a reasonable shot.

Now I don’t advocate it as a sole method. But it works in well with other techniques. Ten or more years ago we had a lot of rats and a friend turned up with an air rifle with a starlight scope. He just quietly shot rats at night in the dark. He did admit that it felt like cheating at times. I was present when there were three rats looking over the edge of a trough in my direction. He shot…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Liem & Aubrey

More good people doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

Some days we look around and we wonder what has happened to our world … where are the good people???  But, if we just shut out the noise for a while and go looking for them, those good people are not all that hard to find.  The thing is, you won’t see them on the nightly news tooting their own horn, for they are too busy going about their lives, helping others … and most of all … caring.  I never have trouble finding the good people for these Wednesday posts … it’s almost as if they drop into my lap once I clear my mind of the daily detritus.  I apologize that this morning’s ‘good people’ post is somewhat shorter than usual, but I am a bit under the weather tonight and need to get to bed.  Still, I think you’ll find these two good people to be heartwarming…

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The Stonehenge Tunnel Debate – the good, the bad, and the ugly

More about the Stonehenge tunnel.

Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

Plans for the two-mile road tunnel through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge approved by Grant Shapps, the UK transport secretary, on the 12th November made major international news recently. Amid such a blizzard of information and attention it is sometimes hard to discern the truth. 

There are countless news features, websites, and forums discussing the tunnel – and although some are more objective than others, one has to always be mindful of the (hidden) agenda of the particular newspaper, website, blog, or forum – and in the case of mainstream media, who is funding them. Here, the intention is to provide a clear overview of the facts and a summary of both sides of the debate. There is so much heated rhetoric out there – the various stake-holders inevitably dig in and defend their position, sometimes without being able to see the other side. Within the echo…

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Pictures of some feathered friends taken by Cindy Knoke.

Mother cormorant with her hungry chick.

Australian tawny frogmouth sleeps while keeping one eye on me.

Bush Stone Curlew looks to the sky for inspiration,

and leads me away from the nest.

Great Blue Heron,

with fishing line snared on his foot,

walks by me warily.

Cheers to you from our feathered friends~

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To Greet the Dawn

A beautiful description of dawn.

The Silent Eye

sunrise 005I wandered into the living room at four, having given the whole sleeping business up for the night. Ani raised one ear and an eyebrow then curled up tight and refused to budge. It is odd though, now that I do not have to be up early, I seem to have reverted to an earlier mode when the house was so full of people that rising at ungodly hours was the only time I had to do things in peace.

There is something about the dark hours when the world is still sleeping, as if beyond the local noise you can hear the slow heartbeat of earth. There is nothing ‘ungodly’ about these moments, in fact quite the opposite.

How can you not feel close to the divine in a silence broken only by the wind in the trees… or looking up at star-strewn heavens? How can you not be…

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A Few Words Found …

How to make a bad situation worse c’/o Donald Trump.

Filosofa's Word

You’ll remember yesterday afternoon when I told you I couldn’t find my words … I think I found some of them, but it seems this batch is smaller than I had on Sunday. At any rate … I shall see what I can make with the words I do have and perhaps by tomorrow the rest will turn up somewhere.

On a personal note …

My granddaughter Natasha, aka Miss Goose, gave me her Christmas list last week and the very first thing on the list was … a donation to Black Lives Matter. This kid … she’s 25 now … she just makes me so damn proud of her. I feel tears welling every time I look at that list. The next item on the list, of course, is a new computer (that I just ordered, but don’t tell her), followed by a couple of shirts and a…

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