The United States of Idiocracy

Are we presently living in the United States of Idiocracy?

On The Fence Voters

Idiocracy – Disparaging term for a society run by or made up of idiots (or perceived as such).

In just the last few days, some news put an exclamation point on why this election is the most important in modern history. The radicalization of a particular segment of our population — the sheer idiocy of their movement — must be soundly defeated and put away forever.

*On a Texas highway, a caravan of the Trump cult appears to try and run off the road a Biden/Harris campaign bus. The current president praised the ‘people of Texas’ for how much they love him. No condemnation of the incident as of this writing.

*Another caravan of wild and radicalized Trumpers attempted to block traffic on the Garden State Parkway Sunday afternoon near Lakewood, NJ. Their Vehicles were decorated with American flags, Trump campaign flags, and many supporters with MAGA hats. Another caravan…

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2 thoughts on “The United States of Idiocracy

  1. It’s gone beyond that. You are witnessing what has happened in many nations in their histories any attempt by a mob to hold onto power by all means necessary.
    If The USA is very fortunate Trump will lose by a sizeable amount, Biden will hang on for one term and then someone very tough and practical will turn up who is wedded to the idea of uniting the Nation again but willing to be politically ruthless to anyone or group who tries to divide it again. It will not be an easy journey though.
    The Liberal-Democratic alliances have some catching up to doin how to win back the national narrative.

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