More uncertainty? #cancer

Sue is fighting uncertainty.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“… you have an appointment at ten for chemo…”

“Yeahs…” I view such calls with deep suspicion.

“We’ve been checking you blood test results…”  Were they going to cancel my appointment? Reschedule? Bearing in mind I was already on the brink of braving the morning traffic to get to the hospital on time… “Your cortisol levels are low…” Again? I wouldn’t mind if someone would explain why it matters. I know what cortisol is and does… but asking why the levels matter during chemo is generally net with a blank expression. “We need you to come in immediately. So we can get a morning test done…”

“That was a morning test.”

“…the readings are naturally different between eight and ten…”

“Half past nine in the morning…”

“so… if you could come in straight away…” I gave in and assured her I would leave immediately. And omitted to point out that…

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