Quiet into the night

A Tallis Steelyard tale of the rescue of a princess. Also, a book of various tales on sale by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard

Quiet into the night

The winter solstice is a major festival, a coming together for festivity, gift giving, over-eating, and in some cases, drinking more than is entirely wise. So children give presents to their parents. Normally husband and wife give each other presents as working out who is the head of the household can cause mutual embarrassment. Then employees give presents to their employer, families gather to give presents to the family patriarch or matriarch (the latter being the more common), the criminal classes give presents to crime lords, and mercenary soldiers give presents to their officers. In return the recipient of the presents will feast his or her subordinates.

As you can imagine this can involve a lot of running round the city trying to fit everybody in, especially if you’re a poet or a dunnykin diver. We get round this by not doing too much work on…

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