More uncertainty? #cancer

Sue is fighting uncertainty.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“… you have an appointment at ten for chemo…”

“Yeahs…” I view such calls with deep suspicion.

“We’ve been checking you blood test results…”  Were they going to cancel my appointment? Reschedule? Bearing in mind I was already on the brink of braving the morning traffic to get to the hospital on time… “Your cortisol levels are low…” Again? I wouldn’t mind if someone would explain why it matters. I know what cortisol is and does… but asking why the levels matter during chemo is generally net with a blank expression. “We need you to come in immediately. So we can get a morning test done…”

“That was a morning test.”

“…the readings are naturally different between eight and ten…”

“Half past nine in the morning…”

“so… if you could come in straight away…” I gave in and assured her I would leave immediately. And omitted to point out that…

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Look Who Came to Play Today~

Pictures from Cindy Knoke if a friendly burrowing owl.

A burrowing owl,

at his Salton Sea home in California.

He stayed out for his modeling shoot,

and didn’t fly off or run into his burrow.

He was definitely ready for his close-ups!

Burrowing owls (athene cunicularia hypugaea) are a California species of special concern and are listed as endangered in Canada and threatened in Mexico due to excessive development and habitat loss.

This is his Salton Sea home.

Cheers to you from Southern California’s sociable burrowing owl~

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Republican Hatred Is The New Party Line

Conservativism is now hatred of liberals.

Filosofa's Word

Even some republicans, conservatives, have questioned what values, if any, the Republican Party retains today.  Ever since 2008 when Barack Obama was elected to the highest office in the land and the racists came out in droves to object to one of “those people” being elected, I have questioned what the GOP actually stands for today. From where I sit, it appears they stand largely for hate, for bigotry, for cruelty.  And money.  Let us not forget that profit is their ultimate goal, at the expense of all else, even our lives.  An article I came across yesterday seems to confirm much of what I’ve thought.  Paul Waldman is an op-ed columnist and senior writer for The American Prospect, as well as a contributor to The Week and a blogger for The Washington Post‘s Plum Line blog.  Take a look at his view of today’s GOP …


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Escapist Landscapes Pt. 1~

Pictures of landscapes we might want to escape to taken by Cindy Knokes.

Feeling a bit stressed out these days? (The Beagle Channel Argentina).

Who isn’t? (Banff National Park, British Columbia),

Let’s escape (Coastal Norway),

to peaceful places (Vancouver Island, British Columbia),

and forget our worries (Zermatt, Switzerland),

for awhile (Huahine, French Polynesia).

I will do another peaceful images post after this (Yellowstone National Park),

because we all benefit from balancing negativity with peace and beauty (Grand Teton National Park).

Cheers to you and remember the beauty~

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A dismal dawn

Some kindness turned Sue’s day around.

The Silent Eye

It was a miserable Monday morning. Frozen fog clung to every branch and blade of grass, the temperature was well below zero and I had to be out early with the car.

The garage is just two miles from my home in normal circumstances, but the construction work for the new high speed railway line has made it into a five mile hike. The garage will normally run me home when I drop the car in to them for its MOT, but they are short staffed. The one bus of  the morning had just gone by the time I have negotiated the road closures and diversions and, to make matters worse, I could not make myself understood over the phone to the taxi company.

Shouting might have enabled them to hear me… but the pitiful croak that was all my voice could muster was not going to be able to…

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Walking the Lanes of the Eden Valley

The Lanes of Eden.

Walking the Old Ways

Much as I prefer walking over mountains, open fellsides and rights of way, I never mind occasional strolls around country lanes – particularly if there’s not much traffic on them. Many of the great walkers of the past – people like George Borrow, Jim Phelan, Walter Starkie etc. (do read their books if you haven’t) – mostly followed the roads, tramped the toby. Call it what you will.

Lane to Brampton. Murton Pike in the distance (c) John Bainbridge 2020

When I was in Devon, local newspaper columnists like my old pal the late Brian Carter (another writer worth reading) did regular columns about what you could see along Devon lanes.

Appleby Bridge (c) John Bainbridge 2020

On a winter’s day walking the lanes can be a great delight.

We wandered up from the River Eden at Appleby-in-Westmorland and around the lanes to Brampton and back yesterday morning. Interesting countryside…

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