A Letter to a Republican Senator

Jill says this can be changed to fit any U.S. voter and sent to their Congressman. or Congresswomen.

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Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will begin on Tuesday.  Currently, it does not appear that the requisite 2/3 supermajority will vote to convict Trump, despite overwhelming evidence that he inspired and incited the violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.  If this be the case, if he is acquitted and therefore allowed to run for office again, then justice will not have been served.  More importantly, it would set a dangerous precedent for future presidents and at some point, perhaps sooner than later, the people of the United States will lose their freedoms to a power-hungry dictator.

It was with this dark thought in mind that I composed the following letter to the Republican senator from my state, Rob Portman.  I know that a single letter from me will not change his mind, but I’m hoping he hears many voices telling him to please vote to…

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2 thoughts on “A Letter to a Republican Senator

  1. We need to repeatedly stay in touch with our representatives – no matter what party (they are pretty much the same to an outsider)
    They are so elite and far from the reality of an average person.
    We have to be a country of equal justice (no matter party, economic status, location, age) and we must make sure all the evidence is in and fairly evaluated.
    The Constitution has gotten us this far, the majority of people want it followed
    Stop doing street drama in DC and get down to business

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