Picture his troubles

First, an amusing tale of a talented artist who keeps trying and finally achieves success and a happy ending. Next, the offer of an amusing book about sedan chair racing in Port Naain. There’s a good review by a satisfied reader.

Tallis Steelyard


Some people are remarkably gifted. They are born with immense talent that just bubbles up out of them, and they merely have to use it to see constant improvement. There aren’t many of those people. Aside from myself I can think of perhaps two poets, a number of musicians and several painters. Obviously there are doubtless bouncers, coiners and those who follow horses with a shovel and a bucket who are also instinctively talented, it’s just that their talents are not perhaps celebrated in the circles that I move in.

When it comes to painters, perhaps the best example was Nedan. He was brought up as one of a large family on a small farm, and from his earliest youth would be found sketching or painting. As the third or fourth son, there was never going to be a living for him on the farm, so he came to Port…

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Yeah well, I speak English

First, some amusing information about struggling with English and its dialects when getting an education. Next, a book on offer by Jim Webster with amusing stories about Port Naain by Tallis Steelyard. This is followed by a good review of the book by a satisfied reader.

Jim Webster


One of the problems I have is that I am a native English speaker. I unaffectedly speak the language like a native. This isn’t an entirely good thing. Many years ago I was youth hostelling around the Outer Hebrides and came across a German lad of my own age. In his penultimate school year, he and his parents had discussed the idea of him attending a summer school in England. The idea was that he would both learn English, and ideally learn some geology, because that was one of his interests.

So they looked for summer schools and discovered that Aberystwyth University had something very suitable. Now his mother was no fool. She knew that Aberystwyth (is it wrong that I’m inordinately proud of being able to spell that correctly without having to look it up.) was in Wales. So she phoned them to discuss the matter. The staff could…

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From Bad To Worse …

Beware those who preach violence and hatred. Those things are not Christion. Christians are supposedly followers of Christ. He taught love and kindness.

Filosofa's Word

Grayson Fritts is a detective with the Knox County (Tennessee) Sheriff’s Office. Grayson FrittsMr. Fritts is also the pastor at the All Scripture Baptist Church.  On the church’s website

“A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.”

My jaw dropped, and my chest hurt … hot tears of rage … what sort of “religion” is this???

This is a clip from his June 2nd ‘sermon’ …

He goes on to say that “That’s the problem with law enforcement nowadays. They are chasing around cookie thieves, when the real animals are on floats rolling down Gay Street.” He also called for the government to send…

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Happy Father’s Day, Dave.

Kawanee’s husband is remembered by her sister.

Tiffany Crystal's Forecast for the day:

Dear David,

I don’t remember what I thought when I first met you. I honestly don’t even remember our first meeting – period. I can remember meeting so many other people in my life – ask me about the first time I walked around my kindergarten class. I can remember sitting on the stairs in a house in Maryland when I was three, watching Dad keep an eye out for some idiot running around with a machete. I can remember holding the hand of a young girl who had just been hit by a car – the red and blue ambulance lights flashing across our faces – I was only four, then.

I remember meeting your oldest brother. He was tall and quiet, and I was thrown off at first by his appearance, because I was only six, but I knew heads were generally shaped a certain way, and his…

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Seeing Is NOT Believing …

A recipe for disaster. Be very careful.

Filosofa's Word

The Associated Press (AP) has begun a weekly feature titled Not Real News: A look at what didn’t happen this week.  The purpose is to cull the fake news that has become widespread in this day of political corruption, video-doctoring, misinformation and more.  I find it a sad, frustrating statement of today’s world that we need such a column, but am glad that someone is stepping up to the plate to try to call out the liars and cheats.

The first story in this week’s roundup is about a doctored video with the intent of discrediting 2020 presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden.  From the AP piece …

CLAIM: Video shows Joe Biden making a “shocking admission.” Biden’s speech also appears to be impaired in the video.

THE FACTS: Democratic presidential candidate Biden did not make any sort of admission. Rather, in the video, he was referencing comments…

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Peruvian Pelis~

Pictures from Cindy Knoke of the Peruvian Pelis.

Coquimbo Chile is a marine bird paradise!

It is home to the impressive Peruvian Pelican.

Peruvian Pelicans are twice the size of their northern cousins and stand up to five feet tall!

They somehow manage to look individually comical,

but sober as judges in a group.

These beauties were photographed in Coquimbo Chile, and on the Palomino and Ballestas Islands off the coast of Peru.

Cheers to you from the pretty as a picture Peruvian pelis~

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We’re coming up on the anniversary…

Kawanee’s hanging in there with an anniversary coming up.

And how am I doing?

Not good, but not terrible. As the month progresses, I’m finding it harder and harder to concentrate, to find the umph to get up and do housework. My house is a wreck, normally I’d care and bust my behind getting it into shape. Not happening. I want to do it, but it’s overwhelming right now. So I don’t know where to start, what to put where…

It’s temporary, I know. There’s clutter everywhere because a friend of ours moved and sent us all her food, and spices. the freezer is overstuffed… the cabinets are packed to the point that there are canned goods on the counter and the spices won’t fit in either.

I also got a new to me table from her. I like it a lot, it came with a bench seat and I had to find a place for it because I’m…

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