Just Venice~


I will not lie. She is way too crowded, and these are some of the reasons why.

These are ceiling shots of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco which opened in 1478 and was named after the patron saint of plague victims. The scuola (school) was a brotherhood of citizens devoted to charitable welfare.

Tintoretto was eventually a member of the brotherhood, and his paintings cover much of the interiors.

How this happened is interesting. There was a competition among artists (including Veronese), to determine who would paint the interiors. They were asked to submit sketches. While the other artists busily worked on their sketches, Tintoretto, installed one of his completed paintings in the scuola. (1) The result is history!
Titian also has artwork here.

This is the adjacent Chiesa San Rocco, a Venetian version of a modest little chapel.

They take churches very seriously in Venice. There are 139…

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Another of Russell’s odd characters. Hilarious.

What's So Funny?

Last week, Linda Apple helped me set up a Facebook account. Like many older adults bordering on senility, I find new technology challenging. Not that Facebook is newit’s just that I’ve been circling it in fear like a caveman who’s been asked to trade in his trusty spear for a missile launcher. I know it’s a good thing, but I may blow my foot off if I’m not careful.

Several of you have been gracious enough to “Friend” me. You brave souls. So far, I’ve managed two posts and a poke. These have been well received and even garnered an occasional “thumbs up” or a hearty “Ha, ha!”  Stay tuned for more social gaffes and clueless moments.

If you are new to Friday Flash Fiction, the tiny tadpole troubadour of 100 word stories is Selena Aquafina Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate in this weekly collage…

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On Beating A Dead Horse …

A vitally important issue.

Filosofa's Word

Two men who know less about health care and medical insurance than even I, have suddenly become experts in what is good for the health of our nation.  Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy have brought the dead horse issue of repealing ACA (Obamacare) back to some form of life in the Senate, apparently in the hope of currying favour with Donald Trump.

dead horse 2

There was a time that I had some grudging respect for Senator Graham, but that time has long since passed, the final nail driven into the coffin last weekend when he lowered himself into the dung heap and appeared on Breitbart to make a plea to the masses.  The ‘nationalist’ Trump-supporting masses, that is, for the other 65% of us do not appear to matter to him.

The Graham/Cassidy bill looks remarkably like a clone of the bill that failed in July that was drafted by Mitch…

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No Way Are White Supremacist Groups And Antifa Equally Violent

We just want peace with an end to this nonsense.

Gronda Morin

Image result for PHOTOS OF AUGUST CHARLOTTESVILLE VA RALLIESThere is no defense for the republican Donald Trump’s attempts to promote a moral equivalency between hate groups like the KKK, neo Nazis, White supremacists and those who oppose them, now lumped into a category called, Antifa.

Here is the rest of the story...

On August 19, 2017, Bethania Palma of Snopes distinguishes the between the levels of violence demonstrated by hate groups and those who oppose them, Are ‘Antifa’ and the Alt-Right Equally Violent? Its answer: “Violence has been ratcheting up on all sides during white supremacist rallies in recent months — but “antifa” is not planning the rallies, and statistically poses a lesser danger.”

“In the hours and days following the deadly “Unite the Right” rally on 12 August 2017, President Donald Trump laid the blame for the violence that took the lives of three people in Charlottesville, Virginia on “many sides.”


“The claim that white…

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Top Ten Things Not to Do If Your Internet and Cell Service are Down

Hilarious post from John who is having internet and Wi-fi problems.

Fiction Favorites

Top Ten Things Not to Do

The inspiration for this list came from living without the internet and very spotty cell service for the last two weeks. It took me a while to get used to the fact that I could not do what has become everyday activities with my devices.

10 If your internet and cell service are down, do not try to send emails. If you do, at best you’ll never get an answer. At worst, you will convince yourself that you have been cut off from the word and will start filling bottles with notes. (Forget the fact that the biggest body of water is the dog dish, Barnaby.)

9 If your internet and cell service are down, do not look for “likes” on that last selfie. If you do, at best you’ll think no one saw it. At worst, you’ll think no one actually liked your selfie and could spiral into a…

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White House Supporting Laws To Impede Consumers’ Ability To Sue Nursing Homes

Not a good law.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of hollywood hills rehabilitation center after irma

I recently blogged on how after Hurricane Irma had passed through south Florida, staffers of a Hollywood Hills nursing home with a non-functioning air conditioning system, had been negligent in the deaths of 8 patients because they did not transport them, in a  timely way, to the fully operational hospital with air conditioning which was right across the street. These elderly patients died because of exposure to high temperatures.

In such an instance, t would seem to be unfathomable that the families could not file suit against the nursing home. If the republican President Donald Trump has his way, this is exactly what will happen.

Image result for photo of president obama signing consumer bill for nursing home

Here’s the rest of the story…

On August 21, 2017, Ina Jaffe of NPR penned the following report, “Under Trump Rule, Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able To Sue After Abuse.”


“Another Obama-era regulation is on the Trump administration’s chopping block —…

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Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 10

Episode 10 of Thistledown Midsummer Bedlam by Teagan Geneviene

Teagan's Books

Friday, September 15, 2017

Marketing Graphic for ThisledownWelcome back to the faery world of Thistledown!

Writing Process

The writing of this episode was frequently interrupted.  That can make it even harder for creativity to flow, to fly by the seat of my pantser pants.  Then I reminded myself that there were still faery characters waiting in the wings, marking time until their parts in the story are found by my flying pants.  Actually, that didn’t make it any easier.  However, I finally finished the chapter.

About This Episode

It’s been fun to imagine slightly off-kilter versions of the characters in this serial, what I called the “scary faeries,” from the colorless world of Bedlam Thunder’s visions.  You’ll meet another of those today.  Without further ado, let’s fly off to Thistledown.


Midsummer Bedlam 10

Tall Bonfire neonbrand-266212Neon Brand, Unsplash

Fire andFurry

Beautiful birdsong made music throughout the branches of the primeval evergreen tree.  My…

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