Thankful November 12th

Kawanee is “really” thankful for her new job.

I’m thankful that I’m caught up on these! Just kidding, I’m having fun and being positive.

Today, I’m thankful that all three of us have jobs. I’m thankful that we all are loving this job and see a future in it. I’m thankful that it has benefits and that I am able to help loved ones with their medicare questions… and maybe be able to save them money as well.

I’m thankful that I’m there, (even if it’s 1/2 an hour away and I have to get up before the sun does) I am thankful for the chance to do something meaningful and help people with something as important as their healthcare instead of a stupid phone.

I’m thankful that my son and his friend are doing so well, and for the friends we are making. Great people with great senses of humor and that make the day fun and…

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Thankful November 11th

Kawanee is thankful she can make it through to payday.

Holy crap I’m sooooooo thankful that it’s only 6 more days til my first paycheck in over 6 weeks. I’m still waiting on unemployment and I really really could use some money. Groceries are getting skimpy, toilet paper getting low, and there are a few late bills, but all in all we’re going to be fine until we get paid.

I’m thankful that we’ve had food, heat, water, lights and the things we needed to get through this past month. It hasn’t been glamorous but it’s been okay.

I’m thankful that I’ve had an understanding landlord, that bills agreed to take payments a little late. I’m thankful that I’ve been responsible and had the money set aside to keep mostly on track.

We might not always get what we want, but we usually get what we need. I’m getting excited to see the light at the end of the financial…

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Thankful November: November 10th

Kawanee is thankful for her friend, Laura.

Today, I’m thankful for my friend Laura,

We’ve been friends ever since I had a crush on her cousin. They hung out together and I kept thinking they were dating but then found out they were related. We went to school together and were on completely different sides of the railroad tracks. I lived in old army housing complex that was low-income housing.

I always thought she was beautiful, smart and sweet. She didn’t pick on me the way the other rich kids did and she didn’t abandon me for the others when she found out I was poor and weird. LOL! Somehow we struck up a friendship that has endured for thirty years. I moved away in our teen years and we kept in touch.

When I moved back and got married, she was my maid of honor, I was her matron of honor for her wedding. She was…

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A Jolly Smiley Sort of Monday …

A post from Jill to start your week with a smile.

Filosofa's Word

Welcome my friends to our weekly Jolly Monday!  How have you been and how was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun and exciting?  I had a nice weekend, though I cannot claim there was anything out of the ordinary about it, but that’s fine by me, for I am not much into adventuring these days. Since you all have a busy week ahead of you, let us try to begin it with a bit of humour, shall we?  Grab a cup of coffee and sit back … no, Joe, please leave your shoes on …

not me dress Ladies … personally I am not into dresses much these days … in fact, I cannot remember the last time I wore one … probably Katie & Kyle’s wedding back in … was it 1997 or 1998?  Anyway, some do still wear dresses, and here is one you won’t believe …


Created by luxury…

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Top Ten Things Not to Do Playing Board Games

John’s hilarious take on playing family board games at Thanksgiving.

Fiction Favorites

Ten Things not to do


The inspiration for this list is the approaching holidays where families all gather around and play a board game or two. I hope you enjoy the list.

10 If you are playing a board game, do not insist on using the same token as last year. If you d,  at best, you will be teased for being a stick in the mud. At worst, you’ll have to sit out the game since your older brother already laid claim to the piece. (You believe he did that on purpose don’t you, Chester?)

9 If you are playing a board gamed, not argue with  Tiny the WWF champ who is spending the holidays at your house as part of a prison holiday release program, when he lays down a scrabble word XXZZWMP. If you do, at best you’ll need to leave the game. At worst, you’ll need to find some ice…

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…being a self-publishing author… a ‘stigma’ I’ll gladly live with…

Encouragement from Seumas to self-publish.

Seumas Gallacher

…it has been ten years, almost to the day, when this ol’ Scots Jurassic decided it was just ‘time to write that novel we all have in us’… what started as a personal ‘bucket list’ item evolved into an amazing scribbler’s journey, which sustains its magic for me to this day… I trudged the newbie author’s familiar road to literary destiny as so many, many others before me… letters to prospective agents and publishing houses… rejections by the sheaf-load… the first novel tentatively prodded onto Auntie Amazon Kindle… followed by the second, the third, and now #6 is Work-in-Progress… the realisation that the SOSYAL NETWURKS held the key to reaching out to a potential global readership… the building of a blog following… the learning curves (plural!) of proofreading, cover art, editing, pricing mechanisms… discovering various distribution channels… add in the continual scourge of piracy that criminally robs we…

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Curated Writing Content

Helpful information.

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Well, it’s Friday again, and we have some great writing related links for you today. If you haven’t yet seen Harmony’s post on Judging a Book by its Cover or Joan’s post on Getting it Right, then please do check them out.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s links for you:

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Alabama Newspaper Comes Out Against Roy Moore Running To Be Its US Senator

The truth is coming out.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of roy moore on the bench

A major Alabama media outlet,’s Editorial Board has published an opinion piece, strongly arguing against Judge Roy Moore’s continuing to stay in the election process to become its next US senator on December 12, 2017.

Here’s the op-ed commentary...

On November 13, 2017, the editorial board of the penned the following opinion piece, “Our view: Roy Moore grossly unfit for office.”

“Roy Moore simply cannot be a U.S. Senator. Even if his party and many of its adherents still think it possible, it is unthinkable —  for his state, and his country.”

Image result for photos of roy moore on the bench

“Last week, four women described Moore’s unseemly taste for dating high school girls when he was a single man in his 30s. Another described what can only be seen as a sexual assault on her when she was 14. In a radio interview last week, Moore himself suggested that he may have dated teenage women…

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The Judge Who Should Not Be …

Highly unqualified

Filosofa's Word

Thus far, in his 10 months in office, Trump has nominated 60 mostly white males for positions in the judiciary.  His most recent choice, however, is raising some eyebrows, including my own.  The man is Brett Talley, and while I’m sure there are some people out there who are less qualified, it would be hard to find one in judicial circles, for Mr. Talley has never tried a case before.

Talley-1Talley earned his JD from Harvard Law School in 2007, but spent the next several years working on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, and as a speechwriter for Ohio’s Senator Rob Portman.  He has practiced law, in fact, for just under three years, and again, has never tried a case. So what, you ask, qualifies him for the position of United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama?  Read on …

  • He has…

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