The world of cute lambs and the tuna melt panini.

A story about a dog who likes tuna melt, a cute new lamb, and two good reviews.

Jim Webster


It has been said that the world is a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something. This is probably true, but today, perhaps by accident, I might not offend anybody at all. I know it seems unlikely but in an infinite universe pretty well anything should be possible.

So this morning another hogg lambed. Working backwards on our fingers she wasn’t technically anyway near any of the tups when the lamb was conceived. So how had she managed it? All I can say is that she isn’t the first young lady who has wandered in shyly carrying a baby and hoping against hope that the overall atmosphere of cuteness will stop people asking difficult and embarrassing questions. So anyway the proud mum has brought her offspring into a parched world which is somewhat at odds with the world the other lambs arrived into. Instead of the…

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GOP US Senator John McCain Opposes President Trump’s Meeting With President Putin

What Senator McCain thinks about the Trump-Putin meeting.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of sergey ;lavrov

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated on a RT interview that it was the US republican President Donald Trump who made the request for the one-on-one meet between him and the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and so Russia is accommodating his request. Although President Putin speaks English, he prefers to negotiate in his native language and so he will have a translator.  This means that President Trump should be accompanied by his own translator who will take notes which will not be available to the American public.

Remember that this meeting with President Putin was initiated by President Trump during the phone call where he called the Russian leader to congratulate him on his election win, against the instructions by all his advisers not to do this. He is giving President Putin a win right at the start by allowing for this summit which elevates him on the world…

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Friend or Foe???

What on earth is President Trump thinking of.?

Filosofa's Word

Friend:a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Foe:an enemy or opponent.syp-v-spy

Shouldn’t be too hard to tell the difference, should it?  Sure, sometimes we think somebody is a friend, only to learn later that they weren’t at all, but most of us are pretty fair judges of character and we don’t often make serious mistakes in choosing our friends.  Donald Trump is the exception to that rule.  But then, Donald  Trump is the exception to most every rule in the book, so why are we surprised?

On Saturday, Trump was interviewed by CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor in Scotland.  The full interview will be broadcast on Monday, but a few snippets have been released. Asked who he thinks is the biggest foe the U.S. has right now, he replied …

“Well I…

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Protests Greet President Trump As He Tours The UK, Hosted By PM Theresa May

The protests against President Trump’s visit to the U.K.

Gronda Morin

trump protest A US military aircraft returns to Winfield House, the London residence of US ambassador Woody Johnson, shortly after Marine One leaves with US President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump to take them to Blenheim Palace as protesters wave placards during a demonstration outside on July 12, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

On July 13, 2018, Chris Baynes of the Independent penned the following report penned the following report, “Trump London protests – LIVE: Baby balloon enters skies as government minister asks ‘where are your manners, Mr President?’

Key Points

“Protests against Donald Trump’s UK visit are taking place across Britain, as the president holds talks with Theresa May amid tensions over his criticism her Brexit plan.”

“A huge blimp…

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The “president” is a Son-of-a-Bitch

Abominable behavior abroad.

Filosofa's Word

Let’s start with a simple question:  If you are invited to visit a friend, and your own house is in a shambles, dirty because you haven’t cleaned it in months, are you likely to harshly criticize your friend’s housekeeping skills when her house if nearly immaculate?  And to do so publicly, announcing to the neighborhood at large?  I think not.  Why, because you are sensible, kind and truthful.

Who does Donald Trump think he is?  He was, though only by the minority and not the majority, elected to be the president of the United States.  He was not elected Prime Minister of the UK.  He was not elected President of NATO.  He was only elected to be the president (no caps) of what is fast becoming the most despised nation on the face of the earth.

I won’t even bother addressing just now his abhorrent performance – yes, that is…

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…Great Guest Blog Post about Quality Writing from Author, Tony McManus…

An interesting post on what makes good writing by Seumas’ guest, author Tony McManus

Seumas Gallacher

…my great pal, Author, Tony McManus, delivers another outstanding contribution with this blog on Quality Writing and the not-so-brilliant stuff… enjoy…




What is it that drives some novels to the top of the commercial sales charts while other books wallow in poor sales rankings? What makes a blockbuster? Good writing? Maybe not.

A short while back I published a blog, Bringing the Curtain Down, in which I speculated on when and why the author of a thriller series should call it a day and wrap it up. In the article, I mentioned that the writer, Lee Child, was about to publish his 22nd Jack Reacher novel, Midnight Line.Well that’s now history and #23, Past Tense,will be available in November 2018; great news for Lee Child, his publisher and for Jack Reacher fans the world over.

After I’d written the…

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…Authors, when yeez write,’The End’, yer WURK is just beginning…

Seumas has a wise word for new authors.

Seumas Gallacher

…ten years ago, this ol’ Scots scribbler completed his first Jack Calder crime thriller, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY… I’ve shared before the exquisite sensation of floating, pink-cloud ecstasy of having actually written a whole novel… with no safety net, no helpers, and no idea that the addiction of becoming writer was looming large in my life… I was also unaware of my ‘wet-behind-the-ears’naiveteas a ‘newbie’ author… back then, oh, blessed innocence, I thought all I had to do was to send the finished manuscript off to a London publisher and presto, hey, I’d become a millionaire, literary giant in short order… Right? Wrong!… many, if not all, of my fellow-penspersons will have trodden the same route… eventually the cold, hard facts of a writer’s life began to sink in… the WURLD does not owe me fame and fortune just because I’ve written a book, nor indeed…

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Looked at in a certain light

A tale of the interesting rise to success of a citizen of Port Naain as told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


I suppose I can appreciate paintings as well as the next person of good taste. I’ve worked with enough painters to know their paintings have to be hung properly, (and after trying to arrange a display produced by a number of disparate artists, you begin to realise that some painters ought to be hanged properly as well.) Still they have their struggles to support themselves through their art just as I have mine. It is as well not to judge too harshly.

Yet there are painters who have made it to the top through their own efforts. In this context I’d mention Charlette Dillor. I know she gets mocked behind her back; mainly, I suspect, because she has kept the Woodpin village accent of her youth. If forced I can fall back on the street argot I learned as a child in the gutters of Port Naain, but the pressures…

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