Several GOP US Senators Develop A Bill To End Future Government Shutdowns

About a bill to permanently end government shutdowns.

Gronda Morin


The current government shutdown started on the 22nd of December is now the longest running event, ever. This translates into 800,000 government public servants going without their paychecks because the republican President Donald Trump decided at the last minute to renege on a previous budget agreement with US Congressional leaders in order to push for a government shutdown over his demands for additional funding for his SW border wall.

On January 11, 2019, The New York Times published the story about how around May 2017, agents for a secret division of the FBI involving counter-intelligence began investigating whether President Trump had been acting on behalf of Russia against American interests. As per that report, “that inquiry was made part of Mr. Mueller’s broader examination of how Russian operatives interfered in the 2016 election and whether any Trump associates conspired with them.

The cruelty demonstrated by President Trump…

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If I never hire another musician!

Another tale of the lively goings-on of Port Naain as told by poet Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also, a book of such tales is on offer with a helpful review.

Tallis Steelyard

the musicians brawl

Frankly I would never have hired them anyway, had it not been for Calina Salin. She described them to me as sounding like a choir of lesser divinities. When I asked about their behaviour she dismissed my worries out of hand. I remember her very words. “Charming, polite, afraid to say boo to a goose.” Given I’ve seen her kick an errant musician into the middle of the following week, in retrospect I should not have been reassured by her comment.

Still I had to organise something for Mistress Bellin Hanchkillian. She had specifically specified musicians; so I needed musicians and Calina had recommended these musicians. So I sent word to see if they were available to hire on that evening, and they claimed they were. It was that simple. How easily do we fall into the traps fate strews for the unwary?

It was the day before the event…

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 It was the wrong sort of dungeon

Another humorous and interesting tale told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also, a book on offer starring Benor the cartographer with a murder mystery. It has an added review.

Tallis Steelyard

It was the wrong sort of dungeon

Like all old cities, much of Port Naain is built on older bits of Port Naain. It’s claimed that in the Sump there are houses falling down because they’re built on the foundations of houses that fell down previously.

Madam Cissie Rotherie is perhaps unique in my experience in that she managed to use what she found of the past. When she and her husband purchased the house, the cellar was full of rubble. As a young couple they thought nothing about it, until Thandar Rotherie felt that he could do with somewhere as a workshop. Whilst a clerk of sorts he was one of these people who just has the knack when it comes to wood, and he made most of the family’s furniture. A very nice job he made of it.

So he started clearing the cellar. He was lucky at the time because somebody wanted to rebuild…

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…my pal, Tony McManus, ponders Amazon’s ‘killing the golden goose’ policy on Author reviews…

Author Tony McManus has a vital message for Amazon.

Seumas Gallacher

…the following superb piece from my Author friend, Tony McManus, mirrors what so many of us in the self-publishing community feel right now:


I have mixed emotions regarding Amazon. On the one hand, and I guess like most indie authors, I am grateful for the opportunity Amazon has given me to become a self-published independent author of thrillers. On the other hand, they do things that puzzle, baffle and annoy me.

Writing a book, a novel, fashioning a work of fiction, and doing it well, is not easy. Even for ‘natural’ writers, highly gifted and driven writers pursuing destiny, it’s hard work. That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable. A writer on a roll, writing well, enjoys a ‘high’ like nothing else on earth. Like a ride to the moon, it can be the most satisfying thing he’s ever done. He gets to feel good…

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That???

The answer to funding for the wall.

Filosofa's Word

Nicholas Kristof’s column yesterday in the New York Times was his usual excellent analysis of the five craziest things about the government shutdown and Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion for his ego wall.  But what iced the cake for me was the brilliant idea he posed at the conclusion of his piece.  And so, I share his column with you … let me know what you think of his idea!

Trump’s Five Craziest Arguments About the Shutdown

Oh, and about that wall. Here’s a financing plan that’s a win-win.

nicholas-kristof-thumblargeBy Nicholas Kristof
Opinion Columnist

I’d like to apologize to all the “banana republics” I’ve offended over the decades with snarky references to their dysfunction. This is karma: I now live in a nation where a petulant president has shut down much of the most powerful government in the world — so the White House isn’t even paying its water bills.

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Send In The Adults … PLEASE!!!

We need some adult supervision looking after our government and fast. The plight of government workers is at a crucial stage. The ship of state is sinking due to confusion in the White House.

Filosofa's Word

PLEASE, people, let us put some adults in charge of this sinking ship!!!  In a nutshell, if you combine all the statements about Syria and condense them into a single statement, it reads something like this:

We are going to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria by the end of last year, but it may not happen for several years.

Scratching your head over that one, aren’t you?  See, what happens here is that Donald Trump gets up one morning all in a fizz and while he’s sitting on the potty wondering what to tweet next, an idea comes to him.  So, without consulting any of the two people on his staff who have brains, he tweets that he will be pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria.  Then, as an afterthought, he tweets that this will happen by the end of December.Bolton-Mattis-Pompeo.jpgImagine the look of utter incredulity…

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Some stunning pictures of Melanistic hawks taken by Cindy Knoke.

Elusive raptors,

rarely let you near.

When they do,

you are enraptured.

Melanistic red tail hawks have more melanin or pigment in their feathers than other hawks making them distinctive and easily identified. It used to be thought these morphological distinctions were an isolated variant, but now scientists are noticing behavioral differences associated with the changes in feather color.

Melanistic hawks typically let me get much closer than other hawks and I wonder if this might be due to behavioral differences associated with their color variance. After all, it is often true, that those who are different, are also quite brave!

Cheers to you from the brave and different hawks~

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