A Dream or a Nightmare?

This would be a problem.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up one morning, check the numbers on the lottery ticket you bought yesterday and find that you’re suddenly a millionaire?  Most of us don’t get much past the dreaming stage there, but that might be for the best, for that dream can well turn into a nightmare.

Jane Doe just won over a half billion dollars … $560 million, to be precise.  But whether Jane ever sees so much as a dollar of that money depends on her willingness to give up her privacy and perhaps even place her life in jeopardy.  Tough decision, yes?

Ms. Doe won the Powerball lottery jackpot in New Hampshire, where lottery rules require that her name be made public.  I see you’re thinking, “okay, so what?”, but let’s take a look at what has befallen past lottery winners after the initial shock wore off.


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What’s The Best Way To Insure The Integrity Of The Vote In 2018?

Good information.

Gronda Morin

The only person who is denying that US state voting computer data bases were attacked with several being penetrated in 2016 by Russian government operatives is the US republican President Donald Trump because he feels to admit this reality challenges his legitimacy.

Meanwhile, “we the people” are left with doing our part to light a fire under our US legislators to take action to protect our voting systems from being vulnerable to a repeat performance by Russia in the 2018 November mid-term elections.

There should be a push at a minimum  to have no electronic machines (DRE) without a corresponding paper trail for auditing purposes. Right now there are 15 states with this status.

Watch the full interview with former CIA Chief John Brennan (Committee To Investigate Russia blog (2/8/18))

We the People” need to act by having our US lawmakers create legislation where steps can be taken to…

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Do Your Own Research – A Warning to Indie Authors – Guest Post by, Yecheilyah Ysrayl…

A treasure trove of helpful links for writers.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hey Guys! Wow. It’s been a long time. I miss you all!

*waves to readers and sits on virtual sofa*

This article started out extremely long but then I realized how necessary it was to keep this short and simple.There is so much information out here for Independent Authors and so many made-up commandments it isn’t funny. Everyone has an opinion on what the new author should and shouldn’t do. Everyone has a piece of advice to give or stones to throw. If you move this way you are doing it wrong and if you move that way you are still doing it wrong. There are more laws for the Self-Publisher than there are in the bible. There is something to say about everything. This is why I humbly advise each person to experience everything for themselves and to do their own research. Sometimes you don’t need to…

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Nesting Magellanic Cormorants & Chicks~

Photos of cormorants’ nests and a happy ending by Cindy Knoke.

Magellanic Cormorants are sea birds living in the frigid waters of the southern ocean and are found from southern Chile down through the Beagle Channel to Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia Argentina.

I was thrilled to find a colony of nesting birds and settled in for some telephoto shooting.

I don’t believe in disturbing nesting birds, and always watch them from a non-intrusive distance.

And then this happened! These curious humans arrived by boat, got way too close, took photos with their cell phones, and panicked the birds.

All the parents understandably flew off in terror as soon as the humans got so close, exposing incubating eggs and unfledged chicks to the elements.

You can see one very brave parent remained, until even this last hold-out, got frightened by the persistent humans and flew away.

The fledglings scrambled together terrified,

as I watched all this, completely appalled.

I am however…

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A Dark Mood Worsened …

Amen. What else can I say?

Filosofa's Word

I awakened in a dark mood this morning, made even darker when I came downstairs, fired up the baby Dell, and sat down with my first cup of coffee of the day, only two read two news stories about the continuing saga of idiocy that defines the Oval Office these days …

Pomp and Circumstance Trump-Style

It was one of those “wtf” moments when I read that Trump wants the Pentagon to stage a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.  WHY???  Military parades are the tools of dictators and autocrats to show, not strength, but might. A power trip, nothing more, nothing less.  And at whose expense?  Take a wild guess.

Trump’s egomaniacal military parade is likely to cost this country millions of dollars.  A country that is already unable to pay its debt, a country with no universal healthcare, with an education system going down the tubes, a country…

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Letter To Evangelicals Who Continue To Grant President Trump A “Mulligan”

This needed to be down in writing. It was thanks to you, Gronda. We need more of it, lots more.

Gronda Morin

Related imageI have been blogging questioning why the 80% of White Evangelicals who voted for him haven’t been holding him more accountable for how he openly mistreats people, displays racist leanings, denies that climate change is for real, for starters.

As a person of faith, I worry that peoples will judge all Christians including Evangelicals by the 80% of White Evangelicals’ lack of courage and decency to stand up for what’s right. Their ways may very well turn many away from ever considering the Christian way of life.

Personally, I have religious leaders who I do admire and follow like Papa Francisco, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Rev. William Barber II, and Bishop Joe Garlington Sr.

Here’s the rest of the story…

An author, John Pavlovitz has written a book that addresses this issue, and a blog where he is advertising his book, “A Bigger Table.” In his blog he shares a…

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