The World Needs Good Writers

Writers are needed.

Novelty Revisions

It’s discouraging sometimes, walking into a bookstore and eyeing all those books. Look at all those successful writers who have written so much good stuff. Will you ever have your own small space on a Barnes & Noble shelf?

I don’t know what your bookstores are like. But near my hometown, there’s a Barnes & Noble so big they have an escalator AND an elevator to get to the second floor. Maybe that’s typical in bigger cities. But I could live in there, literally.

When I headed up to Naperville for John Green’s book tour stop, I spent a few hours in Barnes & Noble just looking. Just marveling at all the things all those authors had crafted.

Fiction is a side project for me. But it hasn’t always been. Back when all I wanted to do was write novels, I often felt that chronic discouragement you’ve probably felt…

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Keystone XL … A Hollow Victory?

A hollow victory indeed.

Filosofa's Word

Last week I reported about the spill of 210,000 gallons of oil from the Keystone XL pipeline, and expressed hopes that somehow this would sway the Nebraska Public Service Commission that was set to vote yesterday on whether or not to grant approval for the final stage of the pipeline that would go through Nebraska.    So what happened yesterday?

Predictably, the commission voted that the pipeline may proceed through Nebraska … BUT … it is not the win TransCanada, the builders of the pipeline, had hoped for.  Why?  Because, while the commission said they could proceed, they mandated that it follow an alternative route.  Hey, it’s an alternative world with alternative facts, so why not an alternative route?  What does all this mean, you ask?

pipeline-new-routeFirst, it means that the project that has been on the drawing board for nine years now will be futher delayed.  Second

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#Smashwords 2017 #Survey

Learn more about Smashwords.

Notes from An Alien

Smashwords If you’re not familiar with Smashwords, it’s a space for authors to self-publish, with no upfront fees (and, with distribution to the most important retailers); plus, of course, a space for readers to find a wealth of books…

And, comparing it with Amazon is simple—Smashwords actually goes to great effort to help authors sell books…

And, even though it was published three years ago, their Indie Author Manifesto is worth a read…

Something else worth reading are the Surveys that Founder Mark Coker writes…

Here’s a bit of his intro to this year’s survey:

“Each year for the Smashwords Survey, I analyze ebook sales aggregated across the Smashwords distribution network.

“We’re looking to identify potential data driven insights that can help authors and publishers make their books more accessible, more desirable and more enjoyable to readers.”

You can read more of Mark’s intro to the survey

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Republican Senators, This Is What A Tax Cut For The Middle Class Looks Like

Examining what a tax cut for the middle class looks like.

Gronda Morin


We all want economic growth. So let’s ask: what’s the bottleneck on growth?

Ask one of today’s republicans, and you can expect to hear a host of false-fact fantasies, such as that we would grow faster if only American companies had competitive tax rates (spoiler: they do), or if they had more money for hiring (spoiler: corporate cash is at record levels), or if they had more money for investing (spoiler: ditto), or perhaps if the rich had more money that could magically trickle down to the masses (spoiler: LOL).

But here’s reality: America’s economic growth turns on how much our companies produce, not how much wealth they accumulate.Editorial cartoon on college graduation and jobs

Which raises the question: why do companies produce?

Is it the size of their corporate treasure chests? If you hand Apple a few hundred million extra dollars, will that make it…

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Medieval Monday: Boots, Shoes, and Walking Medieval

An interesting part of the history of walking and footwear.

Allison D. Reid

Early in the period, footwear was still influenced by the Romans and nomadic European tribes that came before. They were largely stiff, poor quality, stitched leather wraps with laces to hold them to the ankle—not much better than walking barefoot. In colder regions these might have been lined with fur for warmth. As the Middle Ages progressed, and trade increased, higher quality leather became available, and the crusades exposed Europe to Byzantine styles. Shoe and boot makers might be called cordwainers (12th century on) or chaucers, and as was the case with most other medieval trades, they were regulated by guilds. Cobblers, however, did not make brand new footwear. They were only permitted to repair shoes that had been made by someone else.

The types of shoes worn would be different depending on your trade, where you lived, and your social status. They might be made of leather, wool…

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Paperback publication day & my hopes for this story!

Louise’s latest book.

fabricating fiction

It’s paperback publication day for The Gift, my second psychological thriller which has already been a global e-book No. 1 Bestseller. I’m SO excited for this book to reach a whole new audience.

The Gift is a story based around cellular memory, the concept that the cells of the body can store memories, and if organs are transplanted, these memories could also be transplanted with them. I first stumbled across cellular memory about fifteen years ago and was intrigued with the concept. Although this isn’t scientifically proven, there are an increasing number of doctors and scientists supporting this theory and further research is being carried out.

Endlessly fascinated I’ve spent years researching, reading up on real life cases where recipients have received donor organs, in particular hearts, and inherited some attributes of the donor whether it is a craving for the donor’s favourite food, or, in more extreme cases, speaking a different…

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Self-Publishing: Don’t Forget to Set Up Your Author Central Page

Great instructions.

Pearls Before Swine

Got an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy reminder for you after purchasing an author’s book and clicking on their name and not finding any information on them.

If you have not already, don’t forget to set up your Author Central Page.

Author Central is your author page on Amazon. If this is set up, readers and supporters can click on your name under your book as seen below…

And be taken to a page that looks like this….

There’s an author photo, bio, display of all the books you have on Amazon next to your photo as well as at the bottom. You can also add your blog feed to your page and videos as I did. This you will find under Author Updates.

Getting Started

First, go to and sign in.

Once you’ve signed in, you should see this page.

It’s straightforward from here. Let’s get a closer look.

There, better. Under…

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