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This story was written for Sunday Photo Fiction–June 11th, 2017. Each week the host, Al Forbes, provides a picture prompt taken by him or sent in by one of the participants in the group of writers. The challenge for each member of the group is to write an original story or poem with no more than 200 words, not including the title and inspired by the prompt. This week’s prompt was taken by Al Forbes himself. Thanks, Al.

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Genre: Fantasy Humor

Word Count: 200 Words


Princess Gwendolyn sat in her chamber working on embroidery. The picture depicted a knight fighting a dragon.

“If only,” she mumbled.

Her handmaiden, Drucilla, came running into the room almost out of breath as there were no lifts.

“Mistress, your father the king demands you come to the throne room in all haste. Sir Reginald has come to ask for your hand.”

“Oh, all right. Run ahead and tell him I’m readying myself.”

She quickly pushed back her golden braids and put on shoes.

Fairly soon the kingdoms should run out of eligible princes. I’ll have to choose as I don’t want to end up in a nunnery like my cousin, Roslyn. She gave a deep sigh.

Down she strode through the dreary halls until she finally entered the throne room.

“Aha,” declared the king. “Here’s my beauteous daughter. My treasure, meet Sir Reginald.”

“Princess,” wheezed Reg as he knelt before her. He was more than hefty and had some difficulty getting to his feet.

Well, thought Gwen, he’s better than many and not hopeless-looking.

He’ll probably be happy to sit, eat, and live to give my father grandchildren. It could be far worse.

“Welcome to the family, Sir Reginald.”



















House With a Balcony

Photo Copyright: Barbara W. Beacham

This is my contribution for this week to Monday’s Finish the Story. It’s hosted by Barbara W. Beacham. Every Monday Barbara supplies a new picture prompt along with the first sentence for the story. The original story to be written should have only 100 to 150 additional words. I’ve bolded the sentence given with the picture prompt.

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Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 2+11+150=163 Words


From the small balcony, the witch watched the world go by. She decided to go into business.

Latisha hung out a sign by the front door. It read:

Latisha McQuinty, Witch

Potions for Every Need

She readied her various ingredients: eye of lizard, tooth of dragon, leaves of the drickle bush (very rare), etc., and cleaned out her kettle.

Her first customer was Mrs. Sockbottom. She complained of thinning hair. Latisha prepared a purple potion for her.

A week later, Mrs. Sockbottom came back. She was justifiably irate as she was covered with purple fur from head to furry feet.

Latisha had given a potion to old Mrs. Wertle for warts, and the poor lady broke out in red stripes.

Old Mr. Pintypuss took a potion to heal his gout and grew ten more toes.

But the worst was Lucy Figwort who wanted smaller teeth. She grew long, sharp fangs that scared away all eligible men.

Latisha took down her sign.

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