Statue of Native American & Buffalo

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This my weekly contribution to Monday’s Finish the Story, hosted by Barbara W. Beacham. Every Monday, Barb supplies a new picture prompt along with the first sentence for the story. The original story to be written should have only 100 to 150 additional words. I’ve bolded the first sentence given with the picture prompt. Be sure to click on the little blue frog in the blue box, after clicking on the link, to read the other stories.

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Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 3+11+150=164 Words

THE OLD WEST by P.S. Joshi

The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art.

My wife stood staring at the statue. It was a sandstone replica of a buffalo and a Native American. It was also in the middle  of our front lawn.

“Well,” I said, gazing at it with a far-away look, “It’s a reminder of my youth.”

“Your youth?” said my wife, who was starting to lose patience. “Since when did you spend a youth around Native Americans hunting buffalo on the western plains?”

“Well, I could have.” I said. “I was born in the U.S. west.”

“Yes, sure,” she said smirking, “if you’d been born over four hundred years ago. How did you get it here?”

“You would ask that. I bribed the baggage handlers,” I said, hanging my head.

“The neighborhood committee will never stand for it. They’ll demand immediate removal. It takes up too much space, and space is severely limited. We live under a dome on the moon, Hank, and there are strict rules.”

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Chariot and rider.

Copyright — Alastair Forbes

This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction for February 8, 2015. Every Sunday a new picture prompt is supplied by Alastair Forbes, the host. The weekly challenge is to write an original story with no more than 200 words. It’s supposed to have a beginning, middle, end, and follow the picture prompt for the week. Be sure to click on the little blue frog in the blue box to read all the other stories.

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 194 Words


She stood straight and determined in the chariot, holding the reins in a firm grip, giving forth an air of confidence. It was about A.D. 61. This was the great and powerful Boudicca, woman warrior and leader, Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe, widow of the Celtic king Prasutagus of East Anglia. She was filled with righteous anger, a determination to fight back.

Upon the death of her husband, their kingdom had been unjustly annexed by the Roman Empire under Nero, as if conquered. She had been stripped and beaten, and her daughters raped. Now she was leading her people and the Trinovantes, who joined them, on a revolt, an attack on the Roman-held city of Camulodunum (now Colchester), and capital of Roman Britain. After that, they would drive on to Londinium (now London) and Verulamium (now St. Albans), destroying both cities with a death toll in the thousands.

She was finally defeated by the Roman army led by Paulinus.

It isn’t known for sure whether she was killed, poisoned herself to avoid capture, or died from illness. A statue exists in her memory, while Emperor Nero’s name lives on in infamy

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Copyright — Claire Fuller

Once again it’s time for the new Friday Fictioneers’ weekly story challenge. This weekly challenge is to write a story with no more than 100 words. It’s to have a beginning, middle, end, and follow the picture prompt supplied for that week. The gracious hostess for this challenge is the talented author and artist Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The prompt this week is a photo supplied by Claire Fuller. Thanks Claire.

Genre:  Humor/Fiction

Word Count:  100 Words


A tourist in the old capital of a small former kingdom in the country of Perdion happily snapped photos of a 13th century statue.

An elderly citizen stopped and remarked, “Good statue isn’t it.”

The tourist asked, “Was he a good king? The plaque reads ‘King Dragon VI’, but not more.”

The old man thought for several moments. “You could say so as he didn’t exist. King Dragon V died without any heirs and none of the eligible family members wanted the job. They wisely made up a king so surrounding kingdoms would leave them alone. A very useful king.