Photo Copyright: Al Forbes

This story was written for Sunday Photo Fiction–January 7, 2018. Each week the host, Al Forbes provides a picture prompt taken by himself or sent in by one of the other participants in the group of writers. The challenge for each member of the group is to write an original story or poem with no more than 200 words, not including the title and inspired by the prompt. This week’s prompt was taken by Al himself. Thanks, Al.

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 200 Words


Sir John and his page sat high on their coursers as they rode from the castle. They required speed. From the heights of the trail leading down, he viewed the surrounding city.

The queen had given him a message to take to her husband near the battlefield. He knew he might not survive. If he was shot down, his page would take over. The message must arrive.

The cold had gone and the horses slipped on the muddy path. The city was skirted.

Behind the lines, John found the king’s tent, quickly dismounted, and entered.

“Sire,” he said as he knelt, “the queen has sent an urgent message.”

“Arise,” said the ruler. “Give it me.” A look of surprise and dismay came on the monarch’s face as he read.

“Sir John do you know the contents of this missal?”

“No Your Majesty.”

“This is indeed serious news. My brother, Sir Henry has turned traitor. The enemy knows some of our battle plans. We must fight all the harder. May God in His mercy be with us this day. Let us pray.”

Heads bowed.

“Almighty God look upon and protect your servants. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

























Snow scene in a park.

Photo Copyright: Dee Lovering

Here we are once more. This week we’re sitting in a virtual heated shelter house in the park as this area has received snow. I know it’s July, but this is virtual. We’re here to discuss our original stories for the week. This group is the Friday Fictioneers. Our hostess is the gracious and talented author and artist, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The challenge for each of us is to write a story with no more than 100 words. It’s supposed to have a beginning, middle, end, and follow the picture prompt provided for the week. This week’s prompt was supplied by Dee Lovering. Thanks Dee.

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Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 100 Words


The blue house on Beech Street looked like any other. The only difference was that every half hour the weather surrounding it changed.

Anyone seeing it at 10:00 am saw snow on its roof and lawn.

At 10:30 am the roof was dry and the lawn green with flower-filled beds.

At 11:00 am rain soaked it.

Neighbors, used to this, thought, “Amaryllis is at it again.”

She was the neighborhood sorceress. Waving her wand, she chanted, “Weatherchangicus.”

“Oh shut up,” grumbled her broom.

“I’m trying to sleep here,” her cat shouted.

Just then lightening flashed and cracked overhead.




Written  Act of Kindness Award