A One and Three Twofer

Another part of Teagan’s serial, “Murder at the Bijou: Three Ingredients-I”

No Facilities

Slow Joe Crow wanted to join us today

It’s One-Liner Wednesday, the series brought to us by Linda G. Hill, and many of you will be surprised by how close to one line I am going to come. That’s because I am joined today by Teagan R. Geneviene who will soon release her 1920’s novel. If you’re not familiar with Teagan and her three-things stories, you’re in for a treat. If you are familiar with Teagan’s work, you know exactly what kind of treat you’re in for.

My one-liner is all about a treat too. A few weeks ago, when I woke up in Florida with the task making, changing and cancelling flights on a day the airlines were struggling with a blizzard in the Northeast, I wasn’t eager to get out of bed. I talked myself into action with the following thought:

When you know you’re going…

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A display of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields artwork.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

~~Henry Ward Beecher

Last November I was asked by an LA Talk radio host, Jim Christina which I preferred–writing or painting. I had to think about it for a moment for I consider both of them to be facets of creating art. With one I paint pictures with words, the other with pencil and paint.

To listen to the interview which I enjoyed so much click HERE

My next book will be out sometime next year and will be the companion to the HAVAH GITTERMAN SAGA, filled with illustrations and captions for those who’d rather look at the pictures. 😉 Of course, my preference is that one would enjoy reading the novels first.

In any event, this month marks a milestone for me. Nineteen pieces of my artwork, some illustrations for the upcoming…

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Reaching out to Healthcare professionals and Drs.

Kawanee needs information on why her husband may have died. Please help if you can.

Kawanee's Korner

My husband went to Southern China in May. He was there 3 weeks from May 25th to June 16th. He lost like 20-30 lbs while he was there and then died the day he was coming home. they said it was Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He was in excellent shape, no heart problems, or blood pressure problems.

I was in shock and didn’t have money for an autopsy. He always watched his fat, sugar and salt intake, at home he almost a gallon of drank ice tea with lemon a day. I have texts of him complaining about having a hard time finding tea while he was over there. We joked about someone finally having done something worthy of all the tea in China.

Can you help me understand this? He was only 47 I have pictures of him on the day he arrived and 3 days before he died maybe…

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Pictures of my injuries, as promised… (not for squeamish)

Kawanee’s moving injuries.

Kawanee's Korner

These are injuries gained during my move… They slowed me down, but we are moved in! Now I need to put up what we will use, organize what we keep for sentimental reasons and decorate so everything is homey and cozy. (Yes, I’ll post pictures then too.)

okay first the fingers… Note to self, do not slam fingers in the car door…. Luckily for me nothing was broken. They say I’ll lose the one nail, but after almost 2 weeks it’s hanging in there. So, here’s hoping. These pictures were taken today, so you can imagine what it looked like fresh. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I used some colorful language. Yes, it still hurts. Yes, I went to the ER. My sister in law drove me and made me an ice pack. (Thank you, Darla!)

And now for the leg… For you curious or writer types, this is what happens…

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Ready, Set, Go! With BedPak…

This looks like a great product.


safe_imageThis is a different kind of post for me. No tear-jerkers or big stories to tell today. I must also say, for the record, I’m not being paid to promote BedPak, nor am I working on commission (a question that’s been asked).  I simply believe in this woman and this product. That said: I really hope you’ll check out this Kickstarter campaign and support the BedPak!

My friend Claudia is an incredible woman who does not sit still for a minute.  When we go for walks together, I huff and puff and try to keep up with her. Listening to her schedule for a day, let alone a week, wears me out! She’s a doer.  Claudia trained as a hair stylist and opened her own successful salon. When her boys got old enough to really need her around, she sold the salon and didn’t waste a minute overseeing home construction, soccer…

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