A great interview by Lucinda with writer John Howell.

lucinda E Clarke

When I first chat to my guests about their guest post I often suggest that, if their books are more in the entertainment genre than in the more serious or non-fiction category, their posts are light and amusing. (I am being very selfish here as I like laughing). Well, this week’s guest John Howell has taken me at my word and written a very funny dialogue which shows a brilliant use of words. Read on and see for yourself but first a little about John.

John_Howell_Headshot 2

John W, Howell began his writing as a full-time occupation after an extensive business career. His specialty is thriller fiction novels, but John also writes poetry and short stories.  His first book, My GRL, introduces the exciting adventures of the book’s central character, John J. Cannon. The second Cannon novel, His Revenge, continues the adventure, while the final book in the trilogy, Our Justice

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Good People Doing Good Things — JJ Watt

He’s a truly great gentleman and sportsman.

Filosofa's Word

I did not even have to go in search of this week’s ‘good person’ — he fell right into my lap.  Okay, okay, no not literally.  But he was a headliner today, so he wasn’t hard to find.  As you all know, sports is not my strong suit, and football (American-style, with the ovoid pigskin, for my non-US amigos) is definitely not my forte.  But yet, today’s good person is an excellent football player, I am told, but an even better human being.  Allow me to introduce today’s good person doing good things, Justin James Watt, better known as JJ Watt.Ellen tweetJJ Watt is star defense end for the Houston Texans and on Saturday it was announced that Mr. Watt will personally be paying for the funerals of all ten victims of the Santa Fe, Texas, school shooting the day before, Friday, May 18th.  That’s right – you heard…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Youth

Another great post from Jill Dennison about “Good people doing good things.”

Filosofa's Word

Yesterday, I was literally in a fit of rage, even my fingertips were spitting and sputtering, as the man-who-would-be-king did his best to send me to my ash bottle in a fit of apoplexy.  And then … I remembered that today is Wednesday and that I needed to start work on my weekly ‘good people’ post.  At first, I thought “No way!!!” … but then I remembered the words of several of my friends and fellow bloggers who, just last week, told me that this feature may be among the most important things I do – reminding us all that there are, indeed, good people out there who care about others.  And so, I picked myself up, dusted my knees, took a deep breath, and went in search of.  And today, I find my inspiration to be better, to do better, comes from young people, as it so often does…

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Saturday Surprise — Hummingbirds

About our friends the hummingbirds.

Filosofa's Word

Spring.  I am ready for it.  Although the winter has been relatively mild, except for the first two weeks, I am nonetheless tired of grey skies, of rain/snow/sleet, and of having to don a jacket, or worse yet, coat/hat/gloves every time I go out.  And so, as my thoughts turn to spring, to warmth and sunshine, to flowers filling my teeny-tiny yard in a profusion of colour, and to the happy sounds of children’s voices playing in the yard and the “thunk-thud” sound their balls make hitting my kitchen windows.  Well, okay … some things I look forward to more than others.  Still …

As I was pondering the advent of spring, I happened across an article about one of my favourite spring/summer critters, the hummingbird.  I’ve always realized these were special little birds, but I never realized quite how special until I read this.  It is actually an excerpt…

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♫ Have a Holly Jolly … Monday? ♪

Jill brings you a holly jolly Monday post.

Filosofa's Word

Good Monday morning, friends!  I hope the weather has finally gotten warmer where you live (except for my friends down under, where the mercury was already breaking heat records) … it has been above freezing for two whole days now!  I finally ventured out of my lair on Saturday, as did every other human being in the country!  But it was nice, and according to the 10-day forecast, it is supposed to stay relatively mild for a while, anyway. I know, I know … you guys have to go back to work, back to the office intrigue and the ol’ nine-to-five … so let’s see if we can start this week out with a laugh, or even just a chuckle, so it won’t seem quite so bad.  Yes, Steve … there are donuts and fresh coffee, too.  I apologize for last week … grab a cuppa and a donut, and…

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And The Winner Is …

The vote in in.

Filosofa's Word

The results are in and have been tallied, and I will share them with you in just a moment.  But first, there was a bit of a problem with the poll this year.  I left off the most obviously qualified contender for the award, Donald Trump.  Now, I had good reason, as when I first established the Idiot of the Week, and subsequent Idiot of the Year awards, I made a few rules, one of which was that nobody could be given the award more than once.  Since Donald Trump won hands down in 2016, I did not for a moment consider putting him in the running in 2017.  But many readers were disappointed and asked me to reconsider, or to give him some special award.  I try always to be open-minded, and allow things to evolve as they will.  So, I added a ‘write in’ space, and said that…

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10 Handy Writing Tips That I Use Regularly – Part 1

Good writing tips from Don Massenzio.

Author Don Massenzio


  • Write every chance you get. Write every day if you can. You should be thinking about writing or actually writing whenever you can.


  • Reading is so important. You should read every chance you get as well. Read good writing and read about writing. Balance fiction and non-fiction to help you improve your own writing.


  • Use your everyday observations to help you with coming up with surroundings, characters and situations for your stories. You can do this by keeping notebook with you, or if you’re not afraid of being stared at, use your phone and a recording app and pretend your on a call while you make note of what you see.


  • Check your writing for repetitive words and phrasing. If you find yourself using the same words repeatedly, refer to a thesaurus (Shift-F7 in Word) but don’t confound your reader with extravagant utterances and locutions that will flummox them. (Fancy…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Coach Sam Greiner

Another great story of a good person doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

No matter how much angst we see in the world around us, no matter how many we hear and see who have naught but hate in their hearts, I never have a problem finding good people to write about for this weekly feature.  It always boosts my spirits to write about people who put their humanitarian values ahead of greed and self, and I hope it boosts yours to read about them.  I found a gem today … a man who … well, read on …

The place is Harding University High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The story begins back in August, 2015 when Harding High hired a new football coach, Sam Greiner, to try to revive their struggling team, one of the least successful in the area.  Coach Greiner was given a list of several players on his team whose poor grades had put them on the “ineligible…

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A Perfect 10 with Author Robert Eggleton

A great interview/review of Robert Eggleton’s book “Rarity From the Hollow” given by author Don Massenzio.

Author Don Massenzio

This week, I have the pleasure of featuring Author Robert Eggleton on this edition of A Perfect 10.

Please enjoy this week’s installment of A Perfect 10

If you want to check out past interviews, you can find them in the following links:

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Also, if you are an author and you want to be part of this feature, I…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Condensed Version

Jill’s post of good people doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

Good people sometimes pop up where you least expect them. What, for instance, do a major league ball player, an elderly man, and a police officer have in common?  Good hearts.

Sometimes it’s just the little things …

I don’t know the man’s name, but I know his heart is good.  His home looks to be modest, he is not wealthy, and he is not tooting his own horn, for we know about him only because his neighbor told us.  Outside his house, the man has a pine tree, and every year he ‘decorates that tree with gifts for people in need … clothing, shoes, grooming supplies, and food.  That is all I know about this man, but it is enough to tell me that his heart is in the right place.


And sometimes it’s the bigger things …


His name is Cole Hamels, and he is a pitcher for…

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