Strange by P.S. Joshi

This is my entry for the Trifecta Writing Challenge, Trifextra: Week 103. We were to write a story in 33 words, and end it with the sentence, “That wasn’t what I meant.” The last sentence didn’t count in the 33-word count.


I told my friend, Val, “I met someone at a party yesterday. He’s cute, but I really think he’s a bit long in the tooth.”

Her eyes bulged. “Ooh.” She whispered. “A vampire?”

“That wasn’t what I meant.”



24 thoughts on “Strange by P.S. Joshi

    • Thanks for reading my story and commenting on it, Valerie. I’m glad you liked it as I enjoyed working on it. The name “Val” for my character just came to my mind as I don’t have a friend by that name. It was just a happy coincidence that it’s your name also.


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