Dog Behind Curtains

Photo Copyright: Barbara W. Beacham

This is my contribution for this week to Monday’s Finish the Story, hosted by Barbara W. Beacham. Every Monday, Barbara supplies a new picture prompt along with the first sentence for the story. The original story to be written should have only 100 to 150 additional words. I’ve bolded the first sentence given with the picture prompt.

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Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 6+8+150=164 Words


by P.S. Joshi

He thought he found the perfect hiding place.

The dreaded words rang out from Marcie, “Doggie, doggie, doggie.”

Now Boris was that “doggie” and in hiding as usual. He was normally a people-loving dog, but this two-year-old was no ordinary person. She was, in his eyes, an atrocious demon child.

His perfect hiding place behind the living room curtains was not the sanctuary he’d thought. He was almost grabbed by the leg.

Why did the big people think this child was sweet? She was devious. He could have sworn her eyes glowed in the dark. The whole day was spent in finding good places  he wasn’t discovered.

It was only since she’d started walking that she’d become a threat. She seemed to have been a harmless baby. What a disguise, a cover-up.

He could now see through the cuteness, big blue eyes, blond ringlets, dimpled smile. Life for him was a misery. His food dish was the exception.

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  1. I love the contrast between the grown-ups experience of the sweet little child and Boris’s opinion that she’s a demon. Totally true, Suzanne. I think a lot of household pets can relate. Cute story.


  2. Cute story. I’m living with a just turned 3yo grandson and he can be a demon to his older sister and my pets if I don’t watch him. Just trying to teach him “gentle” and “quiet” around the dog and cats and he thinks I am crazy. 🙂


  3. It is as if Damien Thorn was a girl and cruel to dogs, for, as I recall, he was a friend to them.
    Very good story, and I hope he can survive through it!


    • Thanks, Francesca. I looked up Damien Thorn. I don’t remember seeing any of those movies in total. I remember one being on TV. I’m sure everyone will be fine. Marcie just needs to learn to be more gentle with animals. I’m so pleased you liked the story. 🙂 — Suzanne

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