St. Paddy & those eyeballs #wwwblogs

Barb’s trips to Ireland.

Barb Taub

Happy St. Pats day to everyone (because tomorrow we’re all Irish)! Hope you enjoy this repeat of a story from a few years back. And always remember: 

Tá aois ag rá in Éirinn le haghaidh beagnach aon rud a dtiocfadh leat a rá.**

(**There is an old saying in Ireland for almost anything you might say.)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!)

I’ve always loved Ireland.

When Irish eyes are smiling... It can be damn scary.

Sure, when I was little, I worried about Irish eyes which could, according to my Irish mother’s favorite song, smile. I pictured shamrock clowns with happy-faced grins tattooed across their pupils. But somehow, despite my obvious need of ongoing coulrophobia therapy for all things Bozo, I was still a sucker for anything Irish.

I entered the University of Chicago as a biology major. That lasted until my first-year required literature class taught by Frank Kinahan, newly-hired professor of Anglo-Irish lit. Our initial encounter was less than auspicious…

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