Cable cars--Al Forbes

This story was written for Sunday Photo Fiction – May 15th, 2016. Each week the host, Al Forbes, provides a picture prompt. The challenge for each member of the group is to write an original story or poem with no more than 200 words, (not counting the title), and inspired by the prompt.

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Genre: Humor/Fantasy Fiction

Word Count: 198 Words

CABLE CARS by P.S. Joshi

For centuries, the inhabitants of the Planet Plinket had been planning to take over the earth. It wasn’t that they needed more land. They had plenty. They needed a good vacation spot.

The scientists had gathered in the conference room of the scientific research center in their largest city. A woman scientist, Zeena Ziplock, was the first to put forth an idea.

“It will help us take over if we can conceal our real identities to infiltrate. We need to choose something common on earth and become that thing. We’ve been experimenting.

Someone else spoke up, “What about food? That’s common.”

“Yeah, and be eaten?” someone shouted. Ideas flew thick and fast.

“What about animals–dogs or cats for instance?”

“We’ve tried that. If they don’t appear to have owners, they’re adopted. Remember what happened to poor Maltmix. He can no longer …”

“All right, Ziktin. We get the idea.”

“What about fish?”

“Fish are food on earth.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about poor Morkton. May he rest in peace.”

Zeena spoke again. “Remember the film we took as birds?”

“Cable cars!” They all shouted.

“When we want to take over we can hold our passengers for ransom.”




Written Act of Kindness Award



16 thoughts on “CABLE CARS

    • Thanks, Ali. I laughed out loud at your comment. I’m so happy you enjoyed the story. I agree with you. There’s not much to fear from them. As my son might say, “They’re not the sharpest pencils in the box.” 😀 — Suzanne

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks, Lyn. Actually, these aliens aren’t the smartest ones in the galaxy. It’s taken them centuries to get that far. I doubt we have much to fear from them. I’m happy you enjoyed the story. I had fun writing it. 😀 — Suzanne


    • Thanks, Kirizar. I’m so pleased you liked the story. I wasn’t thinking of Mork from Ork when I made up the name, but who knows who these aliens are related to. I do kind of feel sorry for their relatives. I think Mork was probably too smart to be related to Morkton. Mork would probably never admit it if he was. 😀 — Suzanne

      Liked by 1 person

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