A little update:

An update on Kawanee’s move.

Safe at mom’s house. The moving truck broke down, I’m sooo glad my uncle decided to drive the truck. It took Penske 1.5 hrs to get someone to help him, then 4 hrs or more to get the truck fixed.

The transmission filter failed, there was no transmission fluid in it. They said it was bone dry, instead of taking 15 or 16 hrs, it took 30 something hours. If it had been me broken down on the side of the road and stuck there for that long would be dangerous.

Then me and my best friend drove straight to Florida, Sunday and drove back Monday. 26+ hrs in the car, and my friend’s car is acting up. Seems like anyone who tries to help me gets sucked into my well of bad luck.

Mom keeps the house at 80 degrees and she has no internet… I’m sleeping on the…

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