Anything is possible…

Anything is possible.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Ok, so you lost your keys, you have looked everywhere… twice… and still cannot find them… then they miraculously appear in the one place you are certain you have looked the closest… And we have all done it. Or you are panicking for the misplaced purse and have checked all the likely and unlikely places, yet it turns up somewhere you really checked diligently, but honestly didn’t expect it to be…

It makes me wonder sometimes just how much we miss because we are simply not looking, even when we genuinely think that we are.  And what happens when we honestly think that we are doing our very best and cannot do better, so that we shroud ourselves in complacency?

How many of us actually look at ourselves and realise we are behaving and believing blindly and through habit? The dragon sleeps quietly before the fire, the armour rusts in…

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