Parting the Yellow Sea

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What's So Funny?

For those of us in the United States, yesterday was an important day. Grown men wearing top hats yanked a large rodent from its burrow and proclaimed Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. I wish they’d pick a name that’s easier to pronounce. How about Punxsutawney Neil, or Punxsutawney Linda, or Punxsutawney Sacagawea?

And what’s up with the letters “PH” sounding like an “F?” It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. To prove my point, “H” even teams with “G” sometimes to make an “F” sound, as in EnouGH of this Phoolishness. What are they trying to do, kick “F” out of the alphabet?

Here’s your assignment. In the comments, change any word spelled with an “F” to “PH” or “GH” and words spelled with those letters to an “F.” Here’s an example: Who’s Aphraid ough Virginia Woulgh?

If you’re new to Phriday Phlash Phiction, the Phractured Phreda who runs this program…

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One thought on “Parting the Yellow Sea

  1. A lot depends on the derivation of the word, ph being f is from the Greek
    But actually it spreads even more, There is a village in Lancashire called Fisackerly and everybody who is called Fisackerly is named after the village (now spelt Fazakerley )
    But if when you turned up at a new village and the Parson asked, “So what are you called,” and you said, John of Fazakerley, if the Parson was latin trained he spelled Fisackerly with an F, if he was Greek trained he spelled it with a Ph as Phisackerly
    All the variants of the name have spun off these 🙂

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