Tintag Item Tracker – could this eliminate kids being forgotten in cars?

This seemed to me to be a great product, a lifesaver.

Lessons Learned from the Flock

This just came across my desk (literally this morning) and while I plan on writing about it for a Parenting App column, I want to pass on this information now (the column won’t come out until November.)

Tintag attached to keysEvery year, I see story after story about kids who have been left behind in hot cars because distracted parents simply “forgot” about them. Someone, somewhere needs to invent something that will stop this, I keep thinking when I read about yet another death.

Well, this little device; Tintag could potentially eliminate that situation.

Of course it could also help you find your keys (something I lose *all* the time) as well as your purse, wallet, phone or any other item that you need to keep handy, but I think that one of the best applications is to attach one of these to your baby (you could pin in on a pant or…

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