14 thoughts on “Happy Caturday — copycat edition

    • Thanks, Bun. That is cuteness to the extreme isn’t it. You’d have to have a “lot” of patience with cats. They usually do what they want not what you want. Of course, they’re smart My daughter’s cat pulls a book off the lower shelf when he wants attention. She suspects he’s learned to read. 😀 — Suzanne

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      • It’s impossible to pose cats, but it’s uncanny how frequently two of them will just end up in identical poses. The trick is to have a camera handy when it happens. My favorite picture in the bunch is the two tabbies sitting on opposite ends of the deacon’s bench, which exists because one day I happened to go out to the front hall for something, and I noticed my son’s cat Oscar (orange) and my daughter’s cat Figaro (gray) sitting exactly like that. I told my husband to come look, and he took the photograph.


      • Thank you! I can’t take credit for most of them — I’m just the aggregator — but the two cats on the dryer and the two on the bench are my grandcats. (I have a lot of grandcats because all of my kids excelled at rescuing strays, but none of them were very good at taking their kitties with them when they grew up and moved out.)


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